Why we strucked – United Ndokwa Youth Congress

Why we strucked – United Ndokwa Youth Congress

The United Ndokwa Youth Congress (UNYC), through his PRO, Mr. Lucky Oyeama had indicted all the notable sons and daughters of Ndokwa Nation. Mr. Lucky Oyeama, while speaking on the recent shutting down of the Midwestern Oil & Gas Company in Umusadege, by the youths under the auspices of the Umusadege Youth Forum (UYF) says the leaders of Ndokwa Nation had for a longtime connived with companies and the different level of government to cheat the people of Ndokwa.Midwest

According to Mr Oyeama, the Oil companies and the government had neglected the people of the area in all aspects of life. He pointed to the fact that the shutdown oil platform produces 150 barrels a day of crude oil, which is being trucked out daily. Speaking further he said that the Ndokwa people is the second largest ethnic group in Delta State, which is equally blessed with abundant natural resources like oil and rich land.

Mr Oyeama, says with the position of the Ndokwa people in the state and Nigeria, they are not to be neglected to the extent of joining forces with companies to mostly deprive the people of benefit from the companies operating in the area. He says the mission of the UNYC is to fight for the economic development of the area, by making sure that the companies operating within the signed MoU, and embracing local contents in their operations. And that failure to do this, the protest will continue since, several letters written to them where never honoured. UNYC is calling on all communities of Ndokwa Nation to mobilize and fight the ills accorded them.

UNYC indicts Ndokwa Leaders and Elders

However, the leadership of UNYC had indicted leaders and elders of the area for failure to lead the people well and speak in the times of distress. The PRO of the youth group had specifically fingered the leadership of Ndokwa National Union, (NNU) for failing in its duties as the voice of the Ndokwa people. He also mentioned men and women in government or had being but the people look up to them for leadership. He picked on people like, Real Admiral Nduibisi, Admiral Onah, Major Oyewosah, VOT Abanum, of failing the people. He said that it is time to have a rethink and fight for justice and the UNYC is ready to lead the force.

Midwestern Oil & Gas- We don’t know the Protesting Youths.

The CLO of Midwestern Oil & Gas Company, Mr Animam had denied on behalf of the company that the protesting youths are Umusadege indigenes. He says the company is having a cordial relationship with the Umusadege Community. He described the youths as foreigners and they only recognize the community Development Committees in their MoU.

Meanwhile The Divisional Police officer in Kwale, DSP Ifeanyi says that his station was not informed of the shutting down of the Umusadege Plant of the company. Speaking further, he said that he heard it after work on that day, that the company never came to lodge any complain at the station, and he cannot work on rumour.

When our correspondence visited the company, detachments of soldiers where seeing stationed at the entrance and they refused people from entering inside the yard. He was told that all is well, as the company had resume operation. And the company has no problem with the people.

The youths are demanding for employment from the company, and for social and infrastructural contribution to the community. In a letter obtained from the protesting youths, it read in part,

“Umusadege is blessed with the established presence of six blue chip companies viz, Midwestern Oil & Gas, Enegia, Pillar Gas, Agip, Sterling Global, Platform Petroleum, together they produce, 150 barrels of oil per day and we lack development…..We are appealing to the government of the state to come to our aid. Youth unemployment leads to criminality”.  The letter was signed by Mr. Emmanuel Ejechi.