EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW:President Goodluck Jonathan Should Run for a Second Term-Oyibode

Hon. Amb.Gabriel Chukwuma Etaoghenevwegba

Hon. Amb. Gabriel Chukwuma Etaoghenevwegba Oyibode is the President and Founder of Gabriel Oyibode foundation, a non-governmental organization.  The foundation is established many years back to give hope to the hopeless, needy and the less privileged ones in the society. Since its inception, the foundation has been able to assist many Nigerians particularly Deltans through skill acquisition programme, human capacity building, job creation, scholarships etc. In this interview with Journalists, Hon. Oyibode speaks extensively on some national issues more importantly his reasons why he would want Mr. President to continue in Power, as well as the issue of epileptic power situation in Nigeria.


We read your recent publications where you canvassed support for Dr. Goodluck Jonathan 2015 presidential ambition. Please tell us your reasons why you feel he should remain in power despite the clamour by some Nigerians that he should never contest the next election.

Amidst all odds, the President has performed credibly well in the area of power and infrastructural development, youth empowerment/ Job Creation (YWIN initiative, SUREP, and others) etc. I opined, he should be given another opportunity to complete the good works he has started.

The recent change in the leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Nigeria, does it portray good omen for the party come 2015 general election?

Yes, because the world is dynamic, therefore change is constant and the recent change in the leadership of PDP would be a good omen for the party come 2015 general election and beyond.

Please comment on the continued Boko Haram insurgence in the Northern part of the country.

The aggrieved Boko Haram sects and perpetrators of insurgencies in the north are not spirits but humans. They should be bold and courageous enough to put their cards face up on the table of dialogue. I therefore urge every Boko Haram Member to embrace peace, and if there
is anything they are agitating for they should speak out to the government about it reasonably.  The current administration under the leadership of President  Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, being a man of peace and integrity will be ready for dialogue, when approached.

The crisis at the National level in the PDP, if not properly nip in the bud, will lead the party to loose the presidency.  How do you react to this?

PDP is a strong political party and will forever remain strong. However, challenges faced by the party will make the party stronger and better; God willing, PDP under the leadership of president GEJ will win the Presidential election come 2015.

Your humanitarian activities across the country, is the talk of the town. Please tell us why you came out with such a decision of putting smiles on the faces of Nigerians.

Gabriel Oyibode Foundation was set up to reach the unreached, Change lives and build hope. I went through a lot of pain growing up as a result of lack, this motivated me to help the poor and the needy and impact lives positively from the little resources within my reach.

 The time table for the 2015 general election as announced by the Chairman Alhaji Atairu Jega, do you think the man still has the credibility to handle the situation going by the situation in Anambra State?

Alhaji Attairu Jega is a seasoned professor and a Man of integrity, I know he is very credible and has the obligation and passion to handle any situation with regards to elections in Nigeria. Though, there might be some short comings, but nobody has the monopoly of knowledge. I trust he will improve by the day.

The former PHCN has been privatized, yet the epileptic situations of the organization still persist. Do you think the situation will improve?

Of course there has been a tremendous improvement in Power Generation, Transmission, and distribution in the country. I believe that with time it will be better and supply will be steady with the full cooperation of Nigerians in all facets.

Do you see Nigeria breaking away in 2015 after the general election as predicted by some pundits?

No! Nigeria will remain united. Because united we stand and divided we fall. Nigeria remains one indivisible entity since the amalgamation in 1914. No matter the dispute arising from various ethnicities, we remain one Nigeria.

Gabriel Oyibode foundation is a non-governmental organization. Please tell us why the organization was established and how far it has affected the lives of Nigerians.

It was established to bring succour to the down trodden and to empower the Nigeria Youth through Skill acquisition and training/ workshops for Human Capacity building and sustainable development.

Please comment on the Administration of Uduaghan since assumption of office, has it affected the lives of Deltans in the positive direction?

Delta under the administration of Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan has done well and still hope to do more before the end of his tenure. Most applauded is the Bursary Scheme to Deltans and the Delta beyond oil three point transformation agenda.

There is the clamour in some quarters that you become the next governor of Delta State.  What is your view on this, especially with the magnitude of persons, coming from the Delta North Senatorial District where you hail from?  Do you think you can match their
strength politically and otherwise?

I strongly believe that with God on my side nothing shall be impossible. Power belongs to God and is only God that can enthrone his own Government in Delta State come 2015.

Politics is the game of the survival of the fittest. How would you advise Nigerian not to see the game as a do-or-die affair?

Politics should not be a Do or Die Affair. In life some loose and some win. Nigerian Politicians should eschew the politics of bitterness and violence without which there can be no desired peace for sustainable development.

There is the call from Alhaji Adamu Muazu the new PDP chairman on the five defected Governors to come back to PDP. How do you see it?

It’s a good stride, I also urge the defected governors and party members to come back to PDP If possible;  A kingdom that is divided against itself cannot  stand;  Therefore there is an absolute need for reconciliation.

Your message to Nigerians at this critical time in our journey to another moment of decision making.

The Nigerian state is a project instituted by God. Therefore we should learn to love and tolerate one another. Nigerians should eschew violence and politics of bitterness and seek peace for sustainable development. Everybody must realize that we need to build a united
country because what we have now is an agglomeration of nation states. There is strength in unity. Therefore, we should all put aside our racial differences and ethnicities and pursue a common goal. ” One Great Nigeria”