Olejeme has no official Facebook account, says Ben Atu

Dr. Ngozi Olejeme

The Chairman of Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund, Dr. Ngozi Olejeme has no official Facebook or any other social media account, says Ben Atu

A statement from the office of the Director of Communications of You and I Foundation today disowned a group known as Friends of Olejeme.

“We have come to discover that some people are using different Facebook accounts to collect money from people in the name of conference at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel Abuja and employment opportunities” the office stated.
Describing them as scammers, the statement advised Nigerians at home and abroad, particularly skilled workers, not to fall prey to the antics of these criminal elements.

“Info@ngoziolejeme.com, deltastatetransformation2015@gmail.com and info@columntrust.com are suspicious emails”

It appealed to the police and other security agencies to investigate the matter.

“They must identify those behind Column Trust Limited. They must find the owners of 08116905821, 07068942071”