Proper information Management in Crises Time-The Nigerian Situation

President Goodluck Jonathan

Individuals and nations grow based on the information available to them. Such information could either be one that will make such individual (s), organisation or nation to have a development that will be to the good of the society.
However, in a situation where individuals, organisations and nations holds back information especially vital ones, and only chums out those that will be self-beneficial, over time, the people lose interest in whatever information that will be released by such individual or groups.
Thus suffice to say, that the Nigerian-state had being where individuals, and governments never bother about what they give to the public. All they feel and want people to get had always being half or full lies, and this had made those they represent never believe in whatever they give out as information.
Presently, as we all are aware, Nigeria is undergoing crises from different fronts and the most challenging among them is Boko Haram-Nigerian crises. What the crises had so far shown to us as the level of information management had being nothing, but embarrassment.
At the early days of the abduction of the Chibok School girls, the information was so badly handled to the level where the army authourity told the world that some of the girls had been found and rescued but only to retract the story after protest from parents and Nigerians.
What all these had resulted to is that the people don’t know when to believe the real story when released. The authourity causes them more harm than good. So when even in victory or success, Nigerians doubt, except they see it happening.
Yes, the authorities had neglected the fact that good or bad it is Nigerians that will rise to the occasion, or what could be so disheartening than in victory your people will find it hard to believe you.
That is while the recent victory of the Nigerian Defence forces against the insurgents had been rubbished by the continuous attack by the western media, where for over a year, the world considered the claim that the real Shekau was dead as a fluke. That is while they also considered the cloned Shekau is dead is also lie. That is while the Camerounian military had the audacity to tell the world they entered the Nigerian territory and killed Shekau. That while the French news agency will always clone a fake Shekau. That is the reasons been given by the federal authourity about the $9.3 and $5.7 million dollars is difficult to believe, even when we know how the world secret police networks operate.
What all these calls for is change of information management at all time. Nigerians should always be told the truth. The cover-ups are too many. Let those in authourity believe in Nigeria and Nigerians.