Ndokwa May Not Govern Delta until after 32 years – Ndokwa Sons and Daughters

Mr Duke Daniel Chukwuma Addressing the members at the meeting

The members of a non-political group, Concerned Sons and Daughters of Ndokwa has predicted that it will take more than 32 years for the people of Ndokwa to rule the state, as many other ethnic group will clamour for it after 2019.Exif_JPEG_420

Cross-section of attendees
The Convener of the group, Mr Duke Daniel Chukwuma Ilome made this statement recently in Kwale, at the Inaugural meeting of the concerned Sons and Daughters of Ndokwa.
According to Mr Ilome, the bad leadership in Ndokwa had severally caused the Ndokwa people continuous marginalisation in the face of development in the country, where successive government at both federal and state had cost the people of Ndokwa the opportunity to get maximum benefit from the committee of nation called Nigeria, despite the huge resources both human and natural contribution to federation and state account from the area.Exif_JPEG_420

Cross-section of attendees
Speaking further, he decried the attitude of other ethnic groups in the state, who find joy in making the Ndokwa people a second class citizen in the state, as the cases of high profile appointments always elude the people.
In his word,”Ndokwa is the second largest ethnic nation in Delta… But we have not gotten the deserved attention, either from the federal or successive state governments”.
He conclude by saying “This is a call to the consciousness of the Ndokwa people to arise and take our destiny in our hand, by fighting our way out of this apparent political disadvantage so as to enjoy the sitting of projects in our communities like every other part of the state. There must be a deliberate plan by all to determine our place in Delta State politics in the dispensation as our decision today informs where we shall be politically both in 2019 and beyond.
Addressing the gathering, on the mission and vision of the group, Barr Benedict Onyolu, said the body is out to work toward the “Re-awaking of the political consciousness of every Ndokwa person irrespective of political affiliation, class status or gender, to forge a political interest and to ensure the speedy attainment of political maturity of Ndokwa nation haven one voice and interest based on very flexible political reasoning”.
The first meeting which was well attended by over 2000 Ndokwa sons and daughters from the three Local Government areas of Ndokwa west and East ,and Ukwuani saw representatives asking for total change in the way and manner which Ndokwa Nation political leaders has been leading the people.
The general opinion at the meeting was a call for the people of the area to stop politics of money but that of idea and development oriented that will transform the entire Ndokwa land.