There had been much Corruption In The System and We Had Being Engaged in Reversed Gear-Barr. Okolocha

Bar (Dr) Engene Okolacha

Bar (Dr) Engene Okolacha is not new to many Ndokwa people. He had been in politics for years, a versatile lawyer, who feel that people of Ndokwa must get their rightfull place in Delta state and Nigeria. He spoke recently with Ndokwa Reporters at Emu-Unor on issues affecting Nigeria politics and Ndokwa nation.
On 2015 General Election
Well those in charge the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) had assured Nigerians, including the federal Government that they are ready for election both had repeatedly said all necessary arrangements is in place, though there had been calls for postponement from some quarters, as a lawyer I don’t think that will be possible because of the constitutional implications. The government had said no, that election will hold and we should like to believe the government. We would like to believe INEC, and INEC had not government had not given them money or enabling environment to do their work. On our part we are prepared. I want to appeal to Nigerians to be peaceful, I had always believed in peaceful engagement at all time, no matter the circumstance, because as I always say, “there is no bad peace there is no good work”. It is only people that make peaceful change impossible that they will make violent change inevitable.
And how prepared is your party, if what what happened during the October, 2014 LGA election is taken into account?
It is not a question of one party not prepared, its a national malaise. The local government election in Nigeria, being a state controlled and state organized election, is always under the wins and caprices of the ruling government and political party in power, in the different states. There is no precedents you can sight to show that local government election organized by a state was lost by that party. There is no precedent, the only few, extremely few areas that you can point that the opposition has some showing, would be a state like Nasarawa. But as remarkable as it is the opposition did not win. Whereas, there is an unacceptable example you can sight where the party in power wins hundred percent whether in the chairmanship or councillorship. Sometimes you here hundred percent turnout an example of irresponsible impunity. That was what you saw manifested itself during the local government election in Delta state in October 2014. It was not a question of preparing or unprepared of my party. Before that local government election remember that a senatorial by-election within a few weeks of its formation, if they could mobilize to go into an election like that, and came second you can see that it was not the issue of being ready, but there was this feeling, and they have good reason to feel so that this election is already pre-determined because you dare not, go to the tribal knowing what the judicial system is unfortunately, and that was what accounted to what you saw.
What do you have to say on the leadership style in Ndokwa nation, and the recent communique issued by the apex body of the Ndokwa nation, the NNU?
I read the publication by NNU, and the following counter publication, the NNU in its wisdom, made that publication pursuant in an earlier meeting held in Kwale on December 26th 2014. That was proposed as a motion, and they got the backings of the Ndokwa people who were in that meeting. They articulated the feeling of the people, which informed that communique and it was that communique your saw in the publication. If it was not good enough it was the views of Ndokwa people that was expressed by the elected representatives of Ndokwa union not political union, but Ndokwa Neku union, who were charged in managing the affairs of Ndokwa people for the time being in power. It was not a personal thing, it was what ruled out from the meeting,
So you don’t see it as political?
Everything was, including the meeting was political, but not partisan. I was there in the meeting, and there, during the meeting I praised the president- General and the executives for taken that bold initiative, the statement is decidedly political but not partisan.
In you 2015 federal constituency race what is your prospect.
If I wasn’t sure of victory I would not do a try your luck business. The Ndokwa people gave me their mandate in 2011, through a process of political machination, chikenally, and shenanigan the mandate was taking away, and I believe that Ndokwa people through what I see as the overflow of willful emotions extremely supportive outpouring of their view for which I am infinitely gratefully, they are poised to return me and get back the endorsement they gave to me, and it will be a terrible failing on my part, if i do not give vent to their aspiration, in a sense I am an instrument in their hands to ensure that, that which is desired is actually manifested, so when you say what is my prospect its phenomena, I am grateful to them, and I am potentially thankful to the support they are going to give.
If voted in what will you be bringing to the people?
There is so much corruption in the system. We had being engaged in reversed gear. We have to halt the drift. The Bible said the vine yard is wide, but the laborers are few, the very first thing is clear the debris. The trend is totally negative. This kind of representation that we are having must change. The people must have a say to their own affair not the view of a caber, foist on them by very local active minority that does not represent the wishes and aspirations of the people. I am in all contests in favour of the masses against the classes, because politics and power belongs to the people, there after we will generate growth. Growth born out of what the people really want.
You cannot stay in the comfort of your home and decide what the Ndokwa people wants, because nobody is a fountain of wisdom. So Ndokwa peoples aspiration as articulated by them through a responsible leadership will by me canvassed for national acceptability in other to call attention to that which is our problem with a view to the benefit of our people and to the glory of God.
How will you, as the highest elected senior officer in Ndokwa land, if elected help to streamline the activities of our political leaders and elders.
In my charter of progress, I articulated, borne out of intensive and extensive research throughout the Ndokwa land through the quest for the same position in DPP in 2011. However the issue of leadership is not an Ndokwa problem, but a national problem and the people who play lips service to it, I will say are backing on exercise of national hypocracy, because until it is changed, we will still be going around in cycles, because it is said that the leadership of the place or the people is the reflection of the character. Therefore the people themselves have to take their destiny in their own hand, by changing that leadership for the better, Ndokwa is not an exception but if you are referring to the publication, it was captioned “PDP” Elder’s, it was not “APC” Elder’s or the political parties. Pointedly we will get the Ndokwa Elder’s and leader togethers, not necessary in political party divides or the other it will be multi-partisan or no partisan, why remaining essentially political.
And for us to achieve meaningful progress the Ndokwa people this time around must show no compliance, nobody is going to allow the tiny, but irresponsible minority to foist their psyudo leadership on the majority which had been silent and complacent. They must be together, take their destiny in their hands. I do not have money, but have leadership, and they all know and that was while they gave me mandate before, and that is while I am saying let’s work together, and this time more massively, if we beat Ossai before by a simple majority, this time we will make him to lose its deposit, so that next when he sees proper leadership coming he we run far from it.