2nd May, 2015

His Excellency,
General Mohammadu Buhari GCFR,
President-elect, Federal Republic of Nigeria
Defence House,

Excellency sir,


I know this is a season of open and close letters to his Excellency, General Mohammadu Buhari GCFR but the culture of necessity demands refreshing of memories about the recent event that ended with jubilation and smiles on our faces despite insinuations by international communities that Nigeria might come to an end after the 2015 Elections.

Basically, it all started on 28th March, 2015 where Nigerians where made to elect their choice of presidential candidate that will either continue or commence a new government. After the rigorous and several efforts made by INEC under the leadership of Prof. Atahiru Jega, the voices and opinions of Nigerians vide ballot in the history of Nigerian democracy attracted the attention of demanded respect following the announcement of victory in your favour before several National and International electoral observers on 1st April, 2015.

In line with the above, may I use this medium to express my profound gratitude to God for making the “4years interval event” a fruitful exercise. Secondly, to His Excellency, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan whose concession to defeat defines a true spirit of democracy and to you General Mohammadu Buhari for a well-deserved victory and for acknowledging the fact that yes, since independence, this election which was conducted on the platform of transparent, free, fair and credible atmosphere was best of its kind.

Your Excellency General Mohammadul Buhari, you will agree with me that we the youths of our dear nation conducted ourselves, came out enmass to ensure you were elected and further ensured a violence-free election, we hope your administration will have a soft landing for the youths and take the sector to a greater height.


Your Excellency General Mohammadu Buhari, you will agree with me that the level of policy implementation in our great country has always been relegated to “cheap conference talk” and at best “newspaper publication”

Nigerians have built their trust in you regarding implementation of policies but the question that keep knocking at the door of my mind is whether you will work to build and implement existing policies or your Excellency have a fresh agenda entirely, sir, if I must stop on the issue of policy implementation, I will recommend that you should consider the implication of your decision on our growing economy.


Sir, law as it is defined, is the body of principles recognized and applied by the state for the administration of “justice”. It is unfortunate that reverse is the definition in our country Nigeria, it should be noted that the sin of the poor, if committed by the rich is seen differently, while that of the poor is tagged “stealing” the rich is called “embezzlement” and from a logical point of view far from humanitarian point of view, our judiciary “court” will always pronounce different punishment for these set of persons.

We hope you have an adopted strategy to set the record straight to this regard and deliver the dividend of democracy in terms of Rules of Law.

Mr. President-Elect, for me to stop on the issue of Rule of Law, I recommend that institutions be set up and/or ensure the existing ones be strengthened to fit in the purpose with which you are elected.


Your Excellency, whenever I remember that you have attained the position of a General in the military, my thought clocks on the statement by your military brother in Uganda, Field Marshial Idi Amin Dada in his word “you have freedom of speech but freedom after speech, I cannot guarantee” , I hope you have a factual policy that will ensure the effectiveness of our Freedom of Information and Expression Act because it is pertinent I bring to your notice that the Freedom of Information and Expression Act has a lot of limitation to its operation if not irrelevant, this is because the information we are made to access for free is not available for the ordinary Nigerians like myself, they are being protected by the “Secret Information Act”, yes, it is secret and that is why an expert in the banking and financial industry gave misleading figures to Nigerians while clearing a doubt of financial misappropriation, yes, the Act has a deep sense of secrecy that was why even an international audit firm on their own accord, gave a contradicted report about the same misappropriated fund, “Secret Information Act it is indeed”

We hope you are prepared for this System before you picked your portfolio to embark on the journey of becoming Nigerian’s President under democratic and civilian rule where impunity and corruption are the basis, foundation and bedrock of both public and private sectors.

Though sir, you might have been in the system before now but it is obvious that the system you left back in the days when you were the head of state, is not it any longer. Just want to bring to your notice Mr. President-Elect, that the system you are coming into is one that is full of abuses (abnormal use), where the siren meant to scare away criminals are rather used in chasing away road users, a system where people see the application of pedestrian bridges as stressful, a system where people steal in billions yet the road leading to their various houses in their communities are not motorable, a system where gangsterism and thuggery are sources of employment, a system where traditional rulers turn politicians, defect from one political party to the other, a system where actions are taken for thought, a system where the presence of electricity is celebrated once in a year in communities like Ezionum in Ukwani Local Government Area of Delta State, a system where university vice chancellors cook up stories, keep students away from studies all in a bid to get their salaries increased, a system where innocent Nigerians die because Doctors are on strike, a system where custom officers will cease counterfeit goods and divert them for personal use, oh Nigeria my father land, a system where Senatorial and Ministerial recommendations are the only medium through which applicants can secure jobs, a system where economic disadvantages compel Nigerians to travel out of the country even amidst abundance seeking for greener pastures, a system where Federal Government Officials secure Federal Scholarships for their children, a system where people with medical degrees work in the bank, deep appreciation to our entertainers who have made it possible for us to smile amidst hardship, remember sir that this is a system where people work like elephant but eat like ant, a system where legislators jump over the fence for reasons best known to them, a system where laws are in favour of those that enact the laws, a system where violence is the only way to get Federal Government attention, “where the violent once taketh it by force” a system where ex-convicts are given preferential treatment, honoured with juicy government positions, a system where people are threatened and imprisoned for asking questions about the affairs of their government, a system where government trade favour for favour, sir, hope you are prepared for this system?

Mr. President-Elect, I will not fail to acknowledge the fact that any mistake you make in handling issues that will interest and influence the lives of ordinary Nigerians like me will amount to a huge disappointment because we will be forced to say “God why”.

Sir, during your campaign you promised us loyalty, you promised us delivery of dividends of democracy, you promised us fairness, you promised to pay us (the students) some penny to aid our studies, you made series of promises and those promises are the factors that convinced us to elect you. But without fear or favour I will appeal to you General Mohammadu Buhari, please don’t give room for Nigerians to say “had we known”, it will be disappointing and we might end up smiling while we are suffering, though we know that there are forces before you that equate the Nigerian problems.

Mr. Mohammadu Buhari, there are speculations that your government will trade favour for favour, that the South South and South East will not get equal treatment in terms of dishing-out Federal Appointments in the country, sir, I want to use this medium again to appeal to you to remember your brother President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan who never underrated any part of the country in terms of allocating federal appointments. It will be equal to injustice if the speculations are true my President-Elect.

While appreciating your Excellency for taken out of your precious time scheduled for important appointments to look into my views, I pray that the fragrant breeze of benevolence, faithfulness & grace that blow from the windmills of almighty God continue to strengthen and grant you good health in Jesus name, Amen.

God bless General Mohammadu Buhari,

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Chukwuemeke K. Victor
Department of Criminology and Security Studies
National Open University of Nigeria
Abuja Study Centre.
0806 643 6686