Sexual Saga: Eziokpor Chief Vindicated

Highness Okpala-Uku of Eziokpor – Okpala-Uku Chukwuka Akeze.

The old saying that, “one’s good gesture could hardly kill him” has come to reality at the Palace of his Highness Okpala-Uku of Eziokpor – Okpala-Uku Chukwuka Akeze.
On the said June, 2015, all roads led to Eziokpor community a town in Ukwuani L.G.A Delta State and the Palace full to the brim with people not less than 500 in population gathered to witness the judgment of a case between Mr. / Mrs. Zik Akeze – a son of the Okpala – Uku and high chief Kingsley S. Otilije (Onochieze) the representative of the Okpala – Uku.
Before the 27th June, 2015, there has been a deadly rumour going round town that high Chief Kingsley S. Otilije was caught red handed trying to rape Mrs. Gloria – Wife of Mr. Zik Akeze. And as Mrs. Gloria Akeze shouted for help, Chief dashed through the window and zoomed off with his car. It does not end like that, some said the Chief ran into the car nakedly while others has it that the chief even ran away nakedly, and abandoned his car.
But surprisingly, Mrs. Gloria Akeze who was allegedly the sexually assaulted victims proved otherwise. According to her, Chief Kingsley Otilije did neither touched her nor made any sexual demand from her but only walking after her round the compound demanding for the money her husband borrowed from him. Mrs. Gloria Akeze said she told the Chief on the 14th of April when he visited their house that her husband was not at home but Chief could not believe her. Instead he insisted she should call her husband and his brothers who kept him company and collected the money from him to come and give him his money or he will sleep with her tonight. Gloria said the Chief did not say that to her only but also to the husband relations she was calling as he grabs the mobile phone from her and repeated same.
In his own version of the story, the accussed said that, before 13th of March, 2015, Mr. Zik and two others of his younger brothers came to borrow the sum of N200,000 (two hundred thousand naira) from him, in preparation for the 13th March 2015 coronation of their father Okpala-Uku Chukwuka Akeze. According to the chief, the said N200,000 was given to them by him on interest free basis but agreed that the money will be paid back to him by Zik and his brothers on 17th March, 2015. Chief Otilije said Mr. Zik Akeze and his brothers, instead of reciprocating by paying the money as agreed started playing games. According to him four times instalmental payment was made before 30th March, 2015 yet, the money was not completed. Chief went further that, the worst was that Mr. Zik started avoiding him and each time he visits him for the money they always tell him he is not at home even when there are signs that he was very much at home. He however revealed that before the 4th of April his patience has exhausted and he had an information that there was money with Zik to pay him he then concluded that, that 4th April (visit was the last visit and he must go with his money but surprisingly, as he arrived at Ziks house that 4th April, 2015 there was every signs and indication that Zik was at home but before he (Chief) could come out from his car, only to see Zik’s wife posing and telling him that her husband was not at home as usual. And this according to Chief stirred his anger the more and so decided not to go without the balance of his money.
“After sometime, Zik came out form the same house without passing through the gate and his money was given to him, and he left”. The Chief said.
Therefore, after careful observation and thorough examination of the case between Mr. and Mrs. Zik Chukwuka Akeze and high Chief Kingsley S. Otilije, the spokesperson of the Chiefs and OKpala–Uku, High Chief (Ogbuimi) B.J.K Ekezue on behalf of the Chiefs and the Okpala–Uku and in the presence of the entire Eziokpor Community decleared Chief Kingsley S. Otilije innocent from such sexual saga allegation with the saying that one’s good gesture cannot kill him.