Barr. Leonard Anoka: X-raying a Political Star from the West of Ndokwa Nation.

Barr. Leonard Anoka

By Pedro Chibuzo Obi
Few days ago, precisely on the 29th of May, 2015 at about 10:54pm, i personally made a post on my facebook wall, promising to put down to paper few things about one of our very own; Barr. Leonard Anoka, whom for years has remained committed to the eternal cause of uplifting the downtrodden. A man that lives right the biblical injunction of “It is better to give than to receive”, most especially as it involves service to humanity in the overall interest of the less privilege in our society.
Barr. Anoka became a barrister at a relatively young age and ever since then, he has committed his career in fighting against injustice anywhere it may arise as to him, Martin Luther King Jnr. has clearly stated it that ” An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”, hence his resolve to always stand with the just at all cost.
Immediately after his call to bar, he established his own law firm, first he went into partnership as a principle partner before standing his own firm known as Anoka and Associates. From the foregoing, it can be clearly stated that Barr. Anoka is an entrepreneur who has created jobs for Deltans and Nigerians in general. For those that knows how law profession operates, Barr. Anoka didn’t just create jobs but has equally provided a platform for young Nigerians, who are in the wig and gown trade to manifest themselves.
It should be noted that, one of the major setback to most young school leavers is the unavailability of platform to learn and showcase themselves positively to the outside world, this Barr. Anoka has provided to the growth of his profession.
As a politician, Barr. Anoka has been consistent in advocating for good governance for the Nigerian people. He became the Secretary to Ndokwa West Local Government Area Transition committee at a very young age. As the Secretary of the Council, the young Barr. Anoka, brought his administrative acumen to bear in his capacity as the chief scribe of the council. Yours truly was then a young secondary school student, but was opportune to be following the political activities at that time. Across the ten federal wards of the council, his name (Barr. Anoka) was synonymous to empowerment and efficiency. This can be adduced to the effective way he discharged his duty to the admiration of the entire council Area, both the civil servants within the lifespan of the transition period.
Barr. Anoka is a loyal and committed party man, whom has remained with the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) even in it’s darkest days in Delta State. My distinguished readers, you all we bear me witness, that the most trying period of PDP in Delta State was during the 2011 re-run between PDP and DPP and equally the second term bid of ex- Gov. Uduaghan also in 2011. During this period, majority of PDP bigwigs left the party, the once that didn’t live the party, were massively involved in anti-party activities.
It was what was to be known as the DPP (Èdù nmór/Pineapple) Tsunami 2011 in Delta State.
It took only committed party fellows, who can be trusted and were very loyal to the party come what may, that stood their ground and defended the party (PDP). These men were not come and chop or rather food is ready politician. But they are principled politicians/technocrats who are ready to lay their all in the interest of a cause they believe in.
… Yes we have fewer or not at all politicians with ideological leaning, but wait i can assure you, in BARR. LEONARD ANOKA we all can find a true one.
At the hit of this DPP/OGBORU Tsunami, Barr. Anoka was among the very few, who stood with the PDP in Ndokwa West. He was liken to a lone star in Ogume during this dark period in the interest of a cause/party he so much believe in. As a grassroot mobilizer, he galvanised all interest groups to repel the Tsunami in Ogume and Ndokwa West in general.
Barr. Anoka is a man to be relied upon, having demonstrated this rare gesture during his party most trying period.
He has continued in his empowerment scheme in given succour to the youths and the elderly in our communities.
As a youth that he is, he remain a jolly good fellow, easy going and interacts freely with both the young and old, not minding your social status.
Barr. “LEO” as he is fondly called by his admirers is a gentleman par excellence and all we are saying is that “we pray this time around, this golden fish (Barr. Anoka) must not pass Ndokwa West and Deltans by.
Pedro Chibuzo Obi,
Writes from the Ancient town of OGUME.
He is the Public Relations Officer of National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) Zone B,
And also the National Spokesman of Ndokwa Neku Union (NNU) Youth Wing.
Can be reached via; E_mail:, 09039620561 (sms only).
Engage on Twitter via: @pedrochibuzoobi