Okowa is Laying Foundation for a New Delta-Idion

Mr. Peter Idion ( middle on glasses)

Peter Idion is a Chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party in Delta State. Before venturing into politics he had served Nigeria for thirty – five years as a Custom Officer. He hails from Agbor in Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State. Recently he spoke to Ndokwa Reporters in an interview during an inspection visit by Delta State Governor Ifeanyi Okowa to the Agbor Technical College. He scored the governor high in his first one hundred days in office, and asserted that the governor has surpassed the expectations of many Deltans.
The Governor of Delta State has done one hundred days in office, how do you rate his performance?
He is laying a new foundation for Delta State. His peace efforts are also very good for a start. In terms of infrastructure, he has done a lot. You can see this technical college in Ika South, we have been yearning for this and that is why you see this crowd coming out to welcome him. You can see what is happening here in the technical college, it speaks volumes of the development that is taking place in other technical colleges, the ones in Sapele and Ofagbe. The hostels, the workshops, we are so elated; we have not seen this type of development in Ika South for a long time.
Which other area do you think he has performed well within his one hundred days in office?
He has performed well in youth employment. You can imagine this school that he is constructing; it is going to equip the people in terms of technical knowledge. In Togo, Ghana and other places, that is what is keeping the people engaged. He is bringing it back to life because, most of our youths have abandoned technical jobs because there is no encouragement, that is why people from Togo and Ghana come here to lay our tiles, do our POP which we can do as Nigerians. Most of these vocational jobs, we need to learn them and we give kudos to Governor Okowa for encouraging people, not only secondary school graduates but graduates of institutions of higher learning to be engaged in vocational jobs. Technical jobs apart from other benefits, keep you fit. I can tell you that within one hundred days, Governor Okowa has surpassed the expectations of Deltans.
What are your expectations?
Our expectations are very high. Governor Okowa believes in technical works, vocational works and he is laying a solid foundation for a better Delta State. As we speak, many youths from different parts of the state are engaged in the empowerment programmes of government.
Some persons are still challenging his electoral victory in the court?
(Chips in) They are wasting their time; they should join the governor to develop Delta State. Governor Okowa is God ordained; we should not distract him, we should support the governor. Those who are in court, should allow reasoning to prevail, they should support the governor for him to succeed.
What is your advice to Deltans?
Deltans should be patient. We should encourage him to work, we should pray for him to succeed. This is the first time that someone from Delta North is holding the position of governor, we should encourage him to excel. When he was going to the Senate, we worked for him and he performed and now that he is the governor he will do better. My advice to the governor is for him to continue to pray, God will guide him to excel. He is now a grandfather and God will use him to bless Delta State.