Climate Chance World Summit 2017: Participants Agree On Concrete Actions on Climate

Climate Chance World Summit 2017:  Participants Agree On Concrete Actions on Climate

By Mike Jones

AGADIR/Morocco: The Climate Chance World Summit, which hosted over 5,000, participants from 80 nationalities has closed its 2nd edition held in Agadir, Morocco.

The summit which was held for 3 days of talks and debate, revealed that the international civil society reaffirming their determination to assert its natural role in the fight for climate.

“This edition reveals once again that international civil society continuously expect such meetings and talks, and reaffirms its determination to assert its natural role in the fight for climate” said Ronan Dantec, President of the Climate Chance Association, at the closing of the summit.

Adoption of “The Statement of Agadir”: advancing together on concrete achievements and revaluating States’ ambitions.

The summit was concluded with the signature of “The Statement of Agadir”, supported by many Moroccan non-state actors and signed by many of the world’s major networks:

“The Agadir Statement will be brought to COP23 next November. Its adoption is a major step towards strengthening the joint work of global non-state actors”.

“Its signature in Agadir consecrates the efforts undertaken by the Souss Massa Regional Council during the last 10 years, in order to accompany the Moroccan civil society in its fight against climate change” said Brahim Hafidi, President of the Souss Massa Regional Council, the host of the event.

Non-state actors commit through this declaration to intensify the climate action and urge the governmental parties to amplify their ambition to facilitate dialogue.

The MoU is expected to be more than intent; it is a roadmap to facilitate dialogue following the Paris Agreement, to be held in 2018.

Launch of the Climate Chance Observatory: A tool for assessing the progress of climate action by non-state actors for decision-makers.

On September 13, the Climate Chance Observatory for Climate Action of non-state actors was officially launched. This observatory should make possible the measurement of the reality of the actions undertaken by the non-state actors, their success and their challenges.

A first report will be released in autumn 2018 before the COP24 to be held in Poland.

Many personalities of the climate negotiations have made the trip to Agadir thus testifying the willingness to work with non-state actors community in the implementation of the Paris Agreement, and in achieving the objectives reaffirmed in 2015 during the COP21 and in line with the Marrakech Partnership.

“The success of this Summit is also owed to a strong African and Moroccan presence and mobilization in workshops and meetings” highlighted Ronan Dantec.

African local and regional elected representatives have launched a call for the mobilization of African civil society, of which the first step will be made at Africités 2018 in Brazzaville.

The objective is to bring a concrete answer to the initiative “we are still in” and reaffirm that specific challenges and needs in Africa can only be resolved collectively.