Onuesoke to Politicians: Don’t Compromise National Security for Political Patronage

ABUJA/Nigeria: Delta State Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain, Chief Sunny Onuesoke has appealed to Nigeria politicians not to compromise the national security  for political patronage because of the dare implication  on  the nation’s social, economic  and political development.

Onuesoke spoke on the sideline during a security workshop organized in Abuja recently said Nigerian politicians should realize that .if the state of insecurity is allowed to continue because of political patronage and affiliation, the nation will be doom for life.

He explained that trends have shown evidently that insecurity is capable of driving-out investment, increasing unemployment, reducing export receipts and government revenue and by implication slows economic growth.

Onuesoke who said no nation can achieve sustainable development in an environment of insecurity stated that “If foreign investors must come to Nigeria there must be security stability within the thirty six states of the federation.”

He advised all and sundry to put their political differences aside to fight insecurity scourge for the survival of the nation, not only for the generation of today, but for generation yet unborn.

Onuesoke traced   the causes of insecurity in the country to do or die politics, elite manipulation of ethnicity and religious differences, widespread systemic and political corruption, struggle for resources, weak security system, pervasive material inequalities, unemployment, poverty and terrorism among others.

The former governorship aspirant observed that security crises in different parts of Nigeria have destroyed existing infrastructure, prevented a peaceful environment for the development of further infrastructure and a safe environment for economic activities by individuals.

“Other effects  of insecurity in Nigeria include social dislocation and displacement of people,social tensions and new pattern of settlements which encourages Muslins/Christians divisions, it heightens hostility between “indigenes” and “settlers”, dislocation and disruption of family and communal life, it creates general atmosphere of mistrust, fear, anxiety and frenzy, inhumane treatment of people , especially in areas where rape, child abuse and neglect are used as instruments of war, deepening of hunger and poverty in the polity, atmosphere of political insecurity and instability including declining confidence in the political leadership and apprehension about the system and  governance deficit as a result of security agencies inefficiency and corruption,” he stated.

He advised that resolving the insecurity issue in the country calls for a concerted effort by all politicians, leaders   and  those in government to come out with well-articulated security policies to address the hydra-headed problem.

He added that such solutions must be such that it should be long lasting and all-encompassing to avoid a recurrence.


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