CEPEJ Says Big Thank to Nigeria Media for Being A Good Partner

Comrade Sherrif Mulade

WARRI/Nigeria: The Nigerian Media had been commended by the Center for Peace and Environmental Justice, CEPEJ, for their various efforts and commitment to the development of the Niger Delta areas, especially the riverine communities and the promotion of good governance.

The commendation was made while hosting media executives at its headquarters in Ugolo-Okpe, near Warri on January 7, 2020.

In his address, the National Coordinator, Comrade Sherrif Mulade, says the efforts of the media to accept to participate in the organisations, media advocacy projects, which had helped to propagate the tenancy of the organization, and projecting the various efforts of CEPEJ open up the needs for a well coordinate development efforts of the riverine communities in the state.

“We appreciate you deeply for your tireless efforts and contributions by visiting the riverine communities several times to capture and confirm the good works this NGO has done and is doing in those difficult geographical terrains.”

“The Press has helped us in publicising our call to the Delta State Government to create a Coastal Areas Development Agency, CADA that will pilot a blue print for the development of the riverine communities. We commend the expertise and professionalism with which the media have communicated CEPEJ’s messages to a large audience far and near.”

“We are impressed by the interventionist roles played by the Press in peace building towards sustainable development in Nigeria and other parts of Africa. The way you informed, educated and entertained the people, helped to influence the way people think and make decisions.”

The coordinator also used the occasion to further appeal to the media to not to relent, but continue to expose the plight of the riverine communities.

“I want to use this medium to charge all media practitioners to expose the challenges facing the riverine communities, the many sufferings of our people in terms of lack of good and accessible roads, lack of drinkable water, lack of electricity supply, quality education, health facilities and other infrastructural facilities, silting Rivers due to lack of dredging, air and water pollution from oil spills, poor maintenance of the few available facilities, and lack of community funding amongst others.”

“We appeal to all media outfits to continue with the good work to affect lives positively directly and indirectly, speak out and to tell the world only the truth about issues in and around Nigeria at all times, and shun fake and hate news to avoid over heating the polity.”


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