Delta Community Cries Out As Cholera Hits The Population, Killing 2

BOMADI/Nigeria: The People of Ogbein-Ama Community in Bomadi Local Government Area of delta State, has call for the attention of the state government to come to their aide as the people of the community had been hit by cholera.

Secretary-General Ogbein-ama Federated Community Commrade Joseph Navy, made the call He made this call during the death of one Mr Moloria Otiki, as a result of eating food or drinking water contaminated with a bacterium called Vibrio cholerae.

He said the relevant authourity should come to their help as disease has claimed lives of persons in the community, due to poor environmental sanitation and uncooked food.

Comrade Joseph stressed it is apparent that poor drinking water is the cause of the present calamity in the community.

People in the community is drinking contaminated water from the river, contaminated with feces, and all sorts of wastes yet people is still drinking from that same river water because they have no other choice.

So many persons have been infected with the cholera, which had claimed at least two lives and several persons has been hospitalized. And cases increasing day by day.

He said the state government have to act fast to avoid lost of more lives. He concluded.

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