Delta Community in Bomadi LGA Ask Govt to Stop Salary of Some Health Workers …. List Names of Affected Workers

BOMADI/Nigeria: The people of Ogbein-Ama Federated Community in Bomadi LGA has asked Delta State Government to immediately suspend the payment of health workers transferred to their community. They made the call after the Community Executives had a round table meeting on 28 Feb, 2021 to invite all health workers but none of them was able to show up.

The call to suspend their payment become necessary when we discovered that the names listed above had been transferred to our community for the past Four to five years but none of them had been coming to work nor to report themselves before the Community yet are they receiving payment at the end of every month.

The Chairman of the Community Mr Christopher Kemasuode said, when he calls to some of this workers on phone, they give worthless excuses while others told him categorically that they will not come to work as long as their head-workers (Staff Nurse and MRT) is not coming to work.

The Secretary-General of the community, Comrade Joseph Z Navy describe the situation as “pay my monthly salary even though I’m not doing my job”.

Comrade Joseph ask State Government to discourage this act. Health is wealth as they say. He urge the State Commissioner of Health Dr Mordi Ononye to swing into action to sanction anyone who fail to carryout his/her duty. Comrade Joseph stressed that “few weeks ago I raised alarm of cholera disease outbreak in the community which led to the death of two persons and several persons were hospitalized”. Some of these infected patients were taking to the neighborhood community clinic while others to Bomadi General Hospital, the local government headquarter to receive medical treatment because none of the health workers in our community refuse to come to work.

“Our Government owned clinic doors is always locked because workers transferred to the clinic is not coming to work. How could State Government employ workers to work for government clinic and they are not coming to work yet still receiving payment.”

“To this end, the entire Community led by the chairman Christopher Kemasuode call for immediate suspension of the salaries for the above mentioned names.”

Below are the names of the health workers;

  1. Edheriki Barry – Staff Nurse
  2. Arekumo Median – Chew
  3. Angandi Gesiere – MRT
  4. March Vivian Faithy – MRT
  5. Dogubo Egbalewene
  6. Adonne Yereyere
  7. Perekpo Alex
  8. Manager Eyenemiere
  9. Maze Ebiarede
  10. Disi Benabo Godday

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