EID-EL-FITR: Pray For Peace Unity Among Nigerians- Ereyitomi Charges Muslims …As He Congratulates Islamic Faithful in Warri Federal Constituency

ABUJA/Nigeria: As Muslims all over the world celebrate this year’s Eid-el-fitr in concluding their one month Ramadan fasting, The Member Representing Warri Federal Constituency at the Federal House of Representatives, Hon. Chief Thomas Ereyitomi has urged all Islamic faithful in Nigeria and in Warri federal constituency to always pray for peace, unity and progress among  Nigerians.

Chief Ereyitomi, while congratulating Muslims on completing the  spiritually significant month of sacrifice for all Muslims,  urged them to reflect on the importance of Ramadan in becoming good ambassadors of Islam in every of their activities.

Rep Ereyitomi who’s the Deputy Chairman House Committee on Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, stressed that that if people allow the teachings of their religions to influence their conducts, problems such as crime, corruption, indiscipline, insurgency and other ills in the society   would have been a thing of the past.

The Warri Federal parliamentarian congratulated all Muslims faithful under Warri South, Warri North, and South-West Local Government Areas wishing them the best as they follow up the celebration.

The Spokesman, Amb. Dr. Toyin Agbolaya  and Senior Legislative Aide, S.L.A, to Chief Ereyitomi, Alex Gbiwen, Esq. both enjoined Muslims to endeavour praying for national unity and progress so as to have a better society.

According to the statement by Dr. Agbolaya and Gbiwen Esq, Hon. Ereyitomi in his Sallah message to his Warri federal constituents Muslim faithful stressed the need for love as Eid-el-fitr is a time of goodwill to all, he appealed for their sustained support as he will always carry them along in the scheme of things in Warri federal constituency.

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