Gbagi As Governor Come 2023 and His Uncommon Quality (OPINION)

By Possible Ogheneseruo

The world all over is in dare need of people with entrepreneurial skills as leaders. Nigeria as a country is backward because our leaders are not endowed with entrepreneurial skills. Some of the few that are endowed with entrepreneurial skills are shying away from politics.  Hence, anyone with entrepreneurial skills in the like Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi, Elumelu, Jim Ovia who is willing to contest as Governor of our dear state should not only be encouraged by all and sundry but should be cuddled and embraced.

Since the creation of Delta State in 1992 from the old Bendel State, it has not been so lucky to be ruled by a great industrialist like Olorogun Gbagi.  In 1999 Chief Onanefe Ibori emerged as Governor. Before he became a Governor, Ibori has no knowledge of business. Though he was very rich before becoming Governor but no one can attest to the fact that he was a business man. However, Ibori tried in his own way by opening up the state through the employment of youths into the civil service. Apart from this, he established three polytechnics and one College of Education coupled with the renovation of our primary and post primary schools and employment of teachers.

In 2007 power was handed over to Dr. Emmanuel Ewetan Uduaghan. Dr. Uduaghan was regarded as a neophyte who lacks the proper acumen as a Governor. Although, some schools of thought may say that he tried in our health sector but Deltans still regard that as too infinitesimal since his tenure coincided with the period of oil boom in Nigeria. His regime was one the regimes that the state got her highest allocation from federal since creation. Despite all the Billions that accrued to Delta during his eight years as Governor the state did not witness any noticeable development and growth. Hence, some Deltans always refer to his eight years as governor as wasted years.

Senator Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa came on board as governor in 2015. Okowa, though not an industrialist but made up his mind to make name in road construction. In his first tenure, he constructed alot of roads across the state especially in his senatorial district, Delta North. In this second tenure, he is still constructing but with a lesser speed compared to his first tenure. Governor Okowa has opened up the state up with alot of roads. Even areas that were regarded as unpassable have now become passable. As a result,  Deltans have nick-named him “road master”.

Now Governor Okowa will be vacating the Osedebe’s house as Governor in less than six hundred and twenty days from now. Here comes the turn of Delta Central since it has gone round the three senatorial districts.

As a result, various Politicians are jostling and warming up for the position of the governor come 2023. Some of those in the two leading political parties already warming up are Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi, Barr. Ovie Omoagege, Mr.  Edevwie, Mr. Agwoye, Speaker Delta State House of Assembly, Mr. Oborevwori, Commissioner for Justice, Barr. Peter

Mrakpor, Deputy Governor, Barr. Kingsley Otuaro to mention but a few. Majority of these people are not wanting to be governor per se but are  just testing the waters and also want to remain relevant in the next dispensation. They want to just bear the name as “former governorship aspirants”. Hence, they do not engage in serious and rigorous consultations as others are doing.

In the midst of all these eminent Deltans, two personalities stand out very tall and one of them may likely become the governor of the state come 2023.  These two personalities are former Minister of State for Education, Olorogun Barr. Kenneth Gbagi of PDP and Deputy Senate President, Barr. Ovie Omoagege of APC. Political permutation has revealed clearly that any of these two may become Governor of our dear state come 2023.

However, the achievements of these two personalities have shown clearly where Deltans will pinch their tent. Barr. Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi is a world acclaimed industrialist. His name rings bell in the industrial world. Gbagi is a positively courageous and bold man. Though, not in Government but his wealth is unquantifiable. Even some of those in the political arena today were his boys whom he positioned either by recommendations or by sponsorships.

The man Gbagi is a house hold name not by crook but by din of God’s Grace and hard work. Olorogun Gbagi has his businesses in every nook and cranny of Nigeria and the world at large.  Gbagi shopping malls provide means of livelihood to not less than five thousand Deltans. His Five Star Hotels in Nigeria employed not less than two thousand workers.

Olorogun believe much in the principles of giving. There are a number of orphans and underprivileged persons in his pay roll on monthly basis. He does this without making noise.

This giving spirit in him spurred him to establish numerous Universities, polytechnics, colleges of Education and uncountable numbers of secondary schools as a State Minister for Education. These institutions and schools today have expanded the tentacles of admission to our youths.

Despite being the highest investor in the state, Olorogun Gbagi is bonafide Urhobo both maternally and paternally. His father hails from Oginibo in Ughelli South Local Government Area of Delta State while his mother hails from Ethiope West Local Government Area of Delta State.

Olorogun Gbagi is a notable and stable PDP stallwart. History has it that he was one of the foundation members of PDP and since then, he remains committed and fervent to the course of the party. He has taking the party as his second home, hence he is not perturb but remains stable, come rain, come sun.

On the other hand, Senator Ovie Omoagege was imported from abroad by his father who was the Attorney General of the State during Governor Ibori’s regime. The father used his position to influence the then Governor Ibori to give a job as a Special Adviser and from there he rose to the position of Secretary to State Government under Ibori regime.

Omoagege cannot be regarded as a stable politician. He has been nick-named by some political analysts as a “Political Prostitute or a political jumper”. He jumps from one political party to the other like frogs. Since he left his hustling Charge and Bail lawyer in abroad he has decamped from more than four political parties.

Senator Ovie Omoagege could be regarded as a politician but not a business man. Though, he has some Deltans whom he appointed as his political aids by virtue of him being a senator but does not have a single establishment in Delta State talkless of Nigeria.

Omoagege is a negative and bold political wizard. He is the type that can be referred to as “anything can go in politics”. He can do anything to clinch power not minding whose Ox is god. This is the main reason while it was widely rumored and alleged that he organized the boys who stole the  Maize from the floor of Senate in a broad daylight during plenary.

Now, without doubt,  it is the turn of Delta Central to produce the next governor of Delta  but the question in the lips of some Deltans is that “is  Senator Omoagege a bonafide Deltan”. The answer is capital “No”. His father hails from Ugono Orogun in Ughelli Noth Local Government Area while his mother is from Itsekiri in Delta State.  Therefore, Omoagege is fifty percent urhobo and fifty percent Itsekiri. Delta Central needs someone who is a complete Urhobo both paternally and maternally to govern our state come 2023.

The state of the nation shows clearly that the country needs industrialists and a Security Experts at the helm of affairs, both   national, state and local government levels. Gbagi is endowed with entrepreneurial skills and an acquired Criminology skills by training. These two uncommon qualities put him ahead of other candidates.

Delta young men and women are roaming the streets without jobs just like it is in some other states of the federation. The state needs industries where her young graduates can be gainfully employed. This, Deltans believe that Olorogun Gbagi can do if giving the opportunity to govern the state. Having being an industrialist for decades, he has everything it takes to turn around all our morribond industries and establishing new ones. Governor Okowa has open up the roads and make them motorable waiting for industrialization. This requires the caliber of Gbagi to undertake.

On the other hand, Olorogun Gbagi is a Criminology by profession. This makes him combatantly ready to confront any security issue that may raise its urgly head against the state. Tackling unemployment and security will put Delta State in a pedestal for the envy of other states in Nigeria.

Possible Ogheneseruo writes from Asaba

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