KADUNA LG POLLS: KADSIECOM Displays Upgraded “Anti-rigging” Electronic Voting Machine To Stakeholders

KADUNA/Nigeria: Ahead of the local government elections scheduled for September 4, the Kaduna State Independent Electoral Commission (KADSIECOM) has displayed the newly upgraded Electronic Voting Machine (EVM), which will permanently put an end to multiple voting.

This was displayed at the Stakeholders Sensitization on Voter Education Using Electronic Voting in Kaduna State Local Government Elections, held on Wednesday August 5, 2021 in Kaduna.

During the display, it was observed that the EVMs that have been configured ahead of the election have three different codes typed in as well as the polling unit code before the machine starts.

During the demonstration, initial results in the machine were printed out and it was explained that during the elections, all the party agents will  sign the results, displaying zero votes for all candidates before voting commences.

After the printing of the previous result, an authorization card has to be scanned again, before voting commences.

For voting, the Permanent Voters Card (PVC) is slotted into the machine and all accredited parties at the elections logos appear then the voter clicks on it.

Our correspondent observed that when the card of a voter who had already voted during the trial was slotted in again, the machine responded, “You have already voted”.


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