Keep Hopes Alive, Omene Urges Nigerians

By Steve Temienor

OGHARA/Nigeria: Former Chairman of Ethiope West LGA, Delta state, Dr Wilson Omene, has eulogized Nigerians for the tenacity in the economic and pandemic upheavals that ravaged the country in 2020, tasking Nigerians to keep hopes alive and maintain their zeal to lift up the Nation’s economy.

Dr Omene, a marine expert, who hinted that the dreaded convid-19 pandemic was the greatest global challenge that has taken the lives of millions of humans in recent time, noted that “the pandemic was made worse in Nigeria by over 20 percent inflation in the prices of food and services, strikes in the public sector and Endsars protests.”

On the forthcoming local government elections coming up in most states of the country, he said, “Politicians in Nigeria have no regard for voters at the local government level. At the local government level in Nigeria the politicians in high places pre-select their chairmanship candidates from the aspirants even before the elections are held, thus having nothing to do with the voters.”

Dr Omene called on politicians of the All Progressives Congress, APC, to “shun greed and self centeredness and ensure that they field credible, experienced and intellectualized candidates in the politics of Delta state in 2023, particularly at the governorship level.”

The former council boss and current APC stalwart in the state said. “If APC wants victory in the polls in the state, it must avoid fielding self centered individuals. Aside electoral frauds, greed and self centered candidates have always been the challenge for the party in its past attempts to clinch the governorship seat in the state.”

On the activities of other parties in the state, particularly the ruling People Democratic Party, PDP, Dr Omene said, “The action of one particular individual in the PDP in the state is so detrimental to Delta Central. For instance, he has thrown away several privileges accruing to Delta central, in the quest for his selfish political ambition. Even the Mosogar community bank which the Omene family spear headed several years ago, has also gone down the drain, through this individual.”

Dr Wilson Omene

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