NNU PRESIDENCY: Why The Cap Fits A Pan-Ndokwa Nationalist (VIEWPOINT)

By Chukwuma Onyewonsa

With a weird placid mien, suave, polished coupled with an intimidating aura of excellent disposition and large heart; he is not given to plenty talks because the little he says, he stands by it to the letter. Born and bred in the serene environment of the fauna and clement atmospheric condition of Ezionum in the Akashiede clan of our today Ukwani Local Government Area of Delta State, General Mike Ndubishi, is proudly an Ukwani man with a difference.

He is maternally from Afor in Ndokwa East Local government area one of the tripod stands of Ndokwa nation, a people distinguished by hardwork, resilience and peaceful disposition to developmental maters, as it concerns the Niger Delta region nay: Nigeria political system. General Ndubishi is a complete gentleman who served meritoriously and retired as a Brigadier General in the Nigerian Army where he served in different capacities bringing honour by dint of hardwork to his fatherland and the entire Ndokwa nation.

Since the inception of the real Ndokwa Neku Union, NNU, our nation have being in the doldrums sadly occasioned by unstable leadership at the apex body which stands in-between the government and the people, a development that has reduced the second largest homogenous entity in Delta State to mere onlooker of its contemporaries in other parts of the country.

However, it will be unfair to past leaders of NNU for one to undermine their efforts at positioning the ‘Umu Ndokwa’ union but suffice to say, their efforts did not yield the desired results hence their best was not good enough as the people yearn for a more productively articulate leadership that will not only succeed but position Ndokwa nation higher among its peers in the comity of nations and this is what General Ndubishi represents as he desires to lead his team to achieve immeasurable success going forward.

Soldiering was his career and, in that profession, he was diligent enough to become a team leader that achieved success beyond his mandate. Ndubishi was at a time, the Director, Directorate of Military Intelligence, DMI, where he flew the flag of Ndokwa nation higher above all imaginations.

It is on record that Ndubishi at a time held fort for the people of our nation, he gave them brotherly protective shield as a military officer and gentleman in Lagos and beyond when might was right. As an Ndokwa man, if you cried into his office, our today’s retired General roared behind you like a lion to ensure you were not cheated by fellow mortals.

His post-military era saw him into establishing the Tana Security, a firm wherein he has over 500 Ndokwa sons and daughters gainfully employed  across the country and in that business he has shown his prowess as a seasoned administrator and manager of human resources because that security company speaks success today. Till date, Tana Security has no record of indebtedness or backlog of salary arrears to its workforce rather, the firm keeps growing in lips and bounds.

Humble and honest to a fault, General Ndubishi is moderately rich by every definition of it, he is transparent, with superlative character to match, little wonder he is loved by all. Our General is not given to lousiness or found in unholy Union but will always stand in for all that which is right, therefore, he is a pan-Ndokwa nationalist of note who should be supported to emerge the next President of NNU.

Yes, we have eminently qualified contestants who are justling for the position of the NNU presidency but undoubtedly,  General Udubishi stands taller above all because our nation has grown beyond the boys but for the men today. He is a bridge builder who brooks no nonsense, he will say it as it is, he is not known for grandstanding and pettiness, he has the right contacts and the needed reach to catapult NNU to its rightful place in Delta State and in national politics; what else do we desire beyond causing the establishment to stop its sustained criminal marginalisation of our nation and her people? General Ndubishi will lead Ndokwa from the front and sure will succeed as a team leader to bring us into reckoning as a people.

We have the poorest and the most idle youth population who are employable anywhere in the world but Ndokwa nation is bereft of a servant leader who will not only recommend but push for the growth, development and betterment of our productive population which is the strength and vigour of any nation on earth, correcting this leadership deficit is not impossible with the right attitude and good voting behaviour.

Our nation not only cry and suffocate for dearth of leadership but we have gone beyond lamentation into moaning over age-long abandonment by all tiers of government due to the death of NNU and Ndubishi team is coming handy to breath life into our revered apex body.

With Ndubishi as the President of NNU, we shall smile again as a people because he knows where our national shoe pinches. He will reposition the Ndokwa political establishment to achieve better results than we are doing at the moment thereby making us the first and the best among the equals.

The new NNU under this amiable General will ensure that our nation takes its rightful place in the Presidential Amnesty Programmes, Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC and other areas of concern where we have been deliberately undermined, cheated, unrecognised owing to our culture of zero disposition to violence and criminality and this has really not helped our case within the political system however, with concerted efforts by ‘team Ndubishi’ the Nigerian state will listen to us this time around because Chief Ndubishi has a burning desire to write his name in gold in the sand of time.

Ndubishi has since retirement engaged and removed Ndokwa youths from the streets, he has added values to the domestic economies of those who are favourably engaged with his security firm and they are doing exceedingly well. The males among them have taken wives just as the females are meaningfully eking out a living.

The retired super intelligent officer of the elitist establishment of the Nigerian army has being in the corridors of the NNU for as long as one can remember doing what he knows best – crossing the ‘Ts’ and doting the ‘Is’for the managers of the apex body of our nation across leadership segments.

At the Delta North Senatorial district platform – Izu Anioma, Chief Ndubishi in his usual style of humility jointly worked with the likes of General Alabi Isama, ensured that Ndokwa takes vantage position in the politics of who gets what,when and how… he should be supported to serve as the NNU President.

General Ndubishi will kill the hydra-headed monster of communal clashes all over Ndokwa land with clinical efficiency using his diplomatic prowess which ofcourse will end avoidable bloodletting in our nation. Suffice to say, its a new dawn with team Ndubishi at the helm of affairs of the NNU.

When given the upcoming overwhelming mandate at the poll this weekend, the General will roll out his arsenals, connect his contemporaries from other nationalities with a view to building a synergy to achieve success and it takes a populist and an achiever to lead a group such as the NNU in a strongly multiplural setting like Delta State preponderated by highly placed retired professionals and statesmen of timber and caliber; we don’t need learners on that revered stool of the NNU presidency. We need a strong character who would not only be respected but feared by agents of failure and national retrogression, Chief Ndubishi is the man for the job.

He has the capacity, the tact, intellect, temperament, carriage, zest… to drive a change process that will mark a new beginning by turning the negative trajectory of our nation for the best being a man who have believe in the excellency of ideas, Chief Ndubishi will start well as NNU President and end well because he’s is a hallmark of excellence.

The retired Brigadier General has a blue print for a new Ndokwa nation that has the growth and development of our enormous human and material resources in its nucleus; support Change, let us rally round the man generally described as epitome of integrity, sincerity and honesty.

Within one year of his NNU Presidency, General Ndubishi will take Ndokwa nation to the presidency and ensure that our nation comes out of the woods of socio-political obscurity to compete healthily with other groups from major nationalities in Nigeria, Ndubishi is the man to support, the cap best fits him and we must not lose the golden opportunity of allowing our best emerge.

In this era, no nation can survive in isolation as ethnic nationalities live in subjectivity with one another and this underscores the need for a man schooled in the art of diplomacy, deep understanding, peaceful disposition at all times…to lead us to our rightful place in the comity of nations and NOT a man who will promote a “we against them” sentiments that will do us no good. Diplomacy and who you know, builds the contemporary human society. Ndubishi has the reach, he has the contacts waiting for him to elevate his people.

NNU’s cap fits Ndubishi most above all other contenders who are also eminently qualified to lead our apex body but for now, our NNU craves a liberator to break away from its ugly past – Ndubishi to the rescue.

While I call on the opponents of Ndubishi and their handful of supporters to join hands with the retired army chief, it is pertinent to call on delegates at the forthcoming NNU election to vote en mass for the man who can best do the job, the man who will make us proud and restore the glory and dignity of our nation.

With him in the saddle, the Kwale Industrial Park, KIP, is a done deal. That project will come to life because the man who believes in the “can do spirit” of an Ndokwa man is the new Sheriff in town and his name is General Mike Ndubishi, rtd.he is a pan Ndokwa nationalist of note.

In the final analysis, we owe it a duty not to kill the dreams of the founding fathers of our pan-Ndokwa socio-cultural body – NNU by standing tall to give our mandate to Ndubishi and his team so that we will have a nation of progressives where growth and development are not impossible anymore. Ndubishi shall walk his talk, he shall break all barriers, our General will break the jinx of deliberate marginalisation of Ndokwa people all over the world and we shall heave sigh of relief in the long run. I call on Ndokwa elders, opinion leaders,  delegates to the election, all affiliate bodies of the NNU, Ndokwa Students Union, the agrarian community of our people, the market women and men association in Ndokwa land, Ndokwa Professionals – a group that knows tomorrow; to rise up and support Chief Ndubishi to victory. He is the man who knows the way to make us smile again; this is our General.


Chukwuma Onyewonsa, a Conflict Communications Specialist, writes from Asaba, Delta State.

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