Obodo-Ugwa Ogume Community Cries to DTSG for Developmental Attention

KWALE/Nigeria: The people of Obodo-Ugwa Ogume Community in Ndokwa West Local Government Area have appealed to the Delta State Government to come to their aid in addressing age long neglect of the community.

The people in a statement delivered today at a press conference in the community hall at Obodo-Ugwa, said the community have never benefitted from the federal and state governments in infrastructure developments such as road construction, human capital development, employment and political appointments among others.

The statement which is titled ‘Gross Injustice and Marginalization Alert of Obodo-Ugwa Ogume Community’ and presented by the President General of Obodo-Ugwa Community Voice (OCV), Comrade Linus Oju, also referred the state government’s attention to the oppression suffered by the community in the hands of Energia Limited/Oando Joint Venture (JV).

They stated that as host community to Enegia Limited, the operator of OML 56 Obodo-Ugwa/Obodeti Marginal Field, they have been denied every benefits accrued to them, alleging that the company had connived with the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) to change the name of the oil field to Ebendo/Obodeti Marginal Field.

According to the statement, “We are giving Energia Ltd an ultimatum of 21 days to rename the oil wells to OML 56 Obodo-Ugwa/Obodeti marginal field and re-address all the information that is being used in the site with the original name, as we have played our part for years.”

The community said it had over the year maintained the peace and observed all campaigns by government on securing government properties and live at peace with its neighbours but observed that the continued denial was capable breaching the peace in the area.

The statement, in appealing to the Delta State Government to come to the aid of the community called for “The Construction of Obodougwa/Ogume Link Road Construction of Obodougwa /Umusam Link Road Construction of Obodougwa / Igbe Link Road. The privilege to produce DESOPADEC commissioner in the commission being the live-wire of the national economy now and in the future. Creating employment opportunities to our indigenes /graduates in all the ministries in the state at least two (2) slots in each of the ministries in the State.”

Continuing the statement reads, “Immediate commencement of the abandoned health center project you influence to us, during your tenure as SSG. Redeeming of our original oil well name “Obodougwa / Obodeti OML 56 marginal field “from the DPR politicized” Ebendo/Obodeti OML 56 marginal field” and ability to negotiate and derive our proceeds / dividends from DESOPADEC. The privilege to produce an indigene to be appointed into political position to intercede for the development of our community, as we have not been given such privilege since 1999 till date.”

The 10-point request also adds: “The privilege to produce one WARD LIASON OFFICER and one community peace ambassador and at least 20 slots in each of the empowerment scheme of YAGEP AND STEP program. Redeeming of our original status as host community to ELF LTD that the so called ENERGIA/OANDO Joint Venture (JV) in conniver with the Emu-Ebendo Community gave out our status to Emu-Ebendo Community and called us impacted Community in our own God’s own gift. The privilege to have round table discussion on this gross injustices/marginalization on our community within the shortest period of time.”

“Your Excellency sir, with the aforementioned grievances melted against us, you will agree with us that we are loving, peaceful and law-abiding community. As a lover and friend of our community, we humbly appeal for your intervention through the use of your God given wisdom in office and consider our plights in order to avoid unpalatable situation. Please sir we are running out of patience” the statement pleaded.


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