Prince Ned Nwoko’s Let’s Eradicate Malaria In Africa, A Clarion Call For Concerted Actions By All Nigerians To Combat The Parasite

Hon Prince Ned Nwoko

By Iroroh Frank

It is absolutely hard to estimate the amount of physical cash been expended by governments at all levels in Nigeria, to combat malaria annually. Statistically, it will run into billions of naira. If that figure is added to the total sum each household spent to manage the disease, we will be looking at trillions of naira annually.

Outside the loss in needed developmental revenue to the scourge, malaria is a major killer disease in Nigeria. There is hardly any households in this country that does not have the life of any of its members caught short by malaria. The disease is particularly endemic in rural areas where mosquitoes are mostly prevalence and where its early diagnoses is difficult mainly do to lack of access to qualified medical personnel.

This is why the bold step taken by Hon Prince Ned Nwoko, to raise global awareness on the scourge of malaria and to personally assist in finding ways of eradicating the disease is generating worldwide applause.

Right now the billionaire philanthropists is in the cold rugged Antarctica, meeting with researchers working on various ways to develop more efficacy drugs to contain the scourge or effective vaccines to eradicate the disease completely.

Before his anti malaria expedition to the lowest part of the globe, he had campaigned rigorous for fumigation of the African continent by African Governments to control the vector of malaria, the mosquito around the continent.

He had made a donation of 750,000 dollars to universities in Africa to aide research on drugs or effective vaccines against the dreaded parasite.

While the great philanthropists is on this audacious mission, we back home should not just read and watch the pictures and videos of his giant but solo efforts in the war against malaria without importing the messages he has been sending to us into our daily lifestyle. He has said it on different fora, that combating malaria is for everybody. We must all get involved to get rid of malaria in Nigeria.

In our little ways, we can join the war by keeping our  immediate environments clean, by ensuring that breeding places for mosquitoes are cleared and clean. Ensuring that stagnant waters in the gutters, culverts, ponds, broken calabashes and anywhere moist could be found around us are cleared to prevent mosquitoes from multiplying, breeding.

If there are no breeding places around us, mosquitoes will not have the medium to propagate and it will cease to exist in our environment/country and malaria will kiss a good bye to our country, just as it does in many other countries in Africa and around the world.

Let’s eradicate malaria in Nigeria by keeping our surroundings clean.

Let’s join the war against malaria. With collective efforts, the vision of one man, Prince Ned Nwoko, to see a malaria free Africa continent will be a realised dream for all much earlier than anticipated.

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