State of Delta: PDP Carpets Pat Utomi, Task Him on the Rudiments of Political Engagement

By Emmanuel Enebeli

ASABA/Nigeria: The war of word between the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and one of the potential governorship candidates of the opposition party, the All Progressive Congress, APC, in the 2019 election, Prof Pat Utomi on how Delta is fairing economically, as the APC chieftain recently in a gathering of the Delta North APC in Asaba, said that citizens of Delta are going through “misery”.

In a press statement today November 3, 2017, Chief Edwin Uzor, the immediate past Chairman of PDP in the state carpeted the renowned Professor of Economics, as he said that such statement is not expected from such a supposed learned person.

“It is very unfortunate when supposedly knowledgeable persons make reckless statements that have no bearing with facts.”  He said.

According to Chief Uzor, he was not surprised, because such a statement only comes from someone who is not in touch with the reality on ground in Delta, as he has joined the bandwagon of the political merchants outside the state.

“I am not surprised at Utomi’s verbal gaffe because this is a man who is not in touch with the reality on ground in Delta State and yet wants to govern it.”

“Prof Utomi has joined the band of political merchants in Lagos and Abuja who only remember that they are from Delta, come election time”.

The PDP chieftain said that Prof Utomi is doing nothing but trying to foist it on Deltans to compensate him, after failing in is bid to be appointed a minister by the President Buhari’s government.

“After his failed attempts to be appointed a minister in the rudderless and abysmally incompetent APC-led Federal Government, Prof Utomi now thinks it is Deltans who should compensate him.”

While reminding him that Deltans know better than to listen to him, he pointed out that in the midst of the attack, the state is being named as the second in the country on ease of doing business by the National Competitiveness Council of Nigeria.

“Just as the learned (?) Prof was rounding up his unguarded utterances, Delta State was being announced as second in the country on the Ease of Doing Business by the National Competitiveness Council of Nigeria.”

“What further proof do we need that Utomi is out of touch with the reality in Delta State? Only those who are blind or deaf – or both – will fail to see or acknowledge the giant strides in infrastructural development, education, financial inclusion, inter-ethnic harmony, peace and security under successive PDP administrations in Delta State.”

The statement while acknowledging that Pat Utomi has the constitutional right to aspire to any office in the land, he advised him to first learn the rudiments of political engagement.

“He should first learn the rudiments of political engagement and humbly subject himself to some political education before opening his mouth”.

However, Chief Uzor in the statement, advised him to concentrate his effort to right the wrongs his party has done to Nigerians, Nigeria is gradually becoming a country known for suicide deaths as a result of the horrible economic policies of the APC-led Federal Government, which have wreaked incalculable damage to the family economy.

“I will advise him to concentrate his efforts to right the wrong of helping to promote an APC-led Federal Government that has inflicted the worst form of suffering on Nigerians.”

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One Thought to “State of Delta: PDP Carpets Pat Utomi, Task Him on the Rudiments of Political Engagement”

  1. Hon Aneke Ifemeni

    He is as confused as APC. If not how come as a professor, he can’t know the Delta government under Senator Okowa has outperformed APC led government at the federal level. Simple logic, if APC is performing at any level, you don’t need to struggle to convince the masses on who to follow. Having failed to be appointed at the federal level, am sure the smallest appointment fro Gov Okowa to him will silence the professor till 2023.

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