VIEWPOINT: The Ndokwa Youths’ Protest on Outright Government Neglect of Ndokwa Nation: Matters Arising

By Ogwezzy Richardson

The people of Ndokwa have their tradition, culture, mores, attitude, values, behaviour, norms, privileges and rights etc like other ethnic nationalities in Nigeria. These are some of the characteristics (attributes) of Ndokwa people, though they are sometimes interchangeably used to mean the same thing, except right. By tradition, people of Ndokwa felt they do not protest before government gives them what they need because Ndokwa have all it takes to be considered by government in the scheme of things. This is because, it is not the culture or the mores of Ndokwa Youths to act by way of protest to get something from government, because left hand is not learnt (practised) at old age, not knowing that the attitude of government has changed against their values, irrespective of the fact that Ndokwa is one of the major contributors to nation’s economy through revenue from crude oil. This led to the change of Ndokwa youths’ behaviour by protest   which will henceforth be part of our norms, having observed that our privileges and rights are jeopardised.

The rights of any Nation are of paramount importance and cannot be tempered with. Examples of rights that the government has denied Ndokwa are, easy access to tertiary institutions, rights to job opportunities/appointments, rights to good access roads,  rights to provision of infrastructural facilities/basic amenities and rights to the benefits of God’s endowed natural resources, to mention but a few. The reasons for the Youths’ protest are that our rights have been denied and infringed from primordial time. From my observations, the various views of Ndokwa sons and daughters from the recent Ndokwa Youths’ protest form the basis for the matters arising. These are;

(1) Youth take off point

(2) Ndokwa political office holders sent as delegates to quell the protest.

It is necessary for the Ndokwa Nation to carefully consider the above two points so that we act in a more intimidating (formidable) force. There have been misconceptions that, before the protest, youths were, at first in a politician’s house, therefore, the protest was politically motivated. That idea should not deter any Ndokwa person for support because for a protest to kick-start, it must be planned, whose house should they use that is not a politician? Please, let us disabuse our minds from such, it is retrogressive to Ndokwa progressive youth agenda.

The issue of Ndokwa political office holders been sent as delegates. A very few felt the Governor or His Deputy or representatives from Federal Government ought to come. In addition, there were bitter complains that Ndokwa political office holders that knew the plight of Ndokwa and have been non-chalant were sent as delegates. I think, the issue of Ndokwa politicians sent as delegates is not a problem.  All we want is that there were government officials who will transmit our grievances to the appropriate quarters. All we need is success, irrespective of the delegates that came.

Many sons and daughters of Ndokwa are doubtful having seen Ndokwa politicians on the lead, bearing in mind that Ndokwa politicians are not actually representing Ndokwa Nation rather themselves. It is on this note, I beg our political office holders to show greater concern/political will to Ndokwa issues. They cannot be beating ones mother and he will say, I have not seen fight to fight. Our Ndokwa political office holders, the issue at hand is on your table(s), Ndokwa issues is why you are in office and that is why you are paid. Sen.(Dr) Ifeanyi Okowa, gave many Ndokwa politicians appointments to be of help to issues concerning Ndokwa, of which this is not an exception. The success of Ndokwa Youths’ agitation rest on your hands.*

Let every misconceptions concerning Ndokwa Youths” protest be discarded, let us see if this can be an avenue to bring Ndokwa to a limelight. I plead to people of Ndokwa to pray to this idea to yield its desired results as expected, because Ndokwa had been lagging behind for so long.

Ndokwa Youths!  Aluta continua.


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