Patronise Innosson Motors Onuesoke Task Govt, Corporate Bodies and others

NNEWI/Nigeria: Peoples Democratic c Party (PDP) Chieftain, Chief Sunny Onuesoke has appealed to the Federal government, States government, corporate organizations and individuals to patronize Innosson home made vehicles.

Giving reasons for his appeal for the patronage of  the vehicles during his visit to the premises of  Innosson vehicles manufacturing  company located at Nnewi, Anambra state, Onuesoke disclosed  that  patronizing the company’s products will  serve as catalyst for the growth of all other sectors in the country  aside its contribution to the country’s  GDP growth.

According to him, “We as citizens, our governments, both state and federal owe it to Innoson Motors for support and patronage.  Besides, the more the company grows, the more the country will benefit in the forms of employment opportunities, research and development, and the incalculable economics benefits of balance of trade. “

He explained that for  the fact that  purchasing power of Nigerians right now is dilapidated,  Innoson has the key to making Nigerians wanting to buy, stressing that Innosson vehicles can achieve the result  Tesla got in Norway through government subsidizing of  Tesla cars for Norwegians thereby making Tesla almost a national car.

“It will reduced foreign exchange spent on importation of vehicles,” he disclosed.

Onuesoke who pointed out  that Nigerians should be proud of such local company as Innosson located on its shore, explained that if only government can boldly and confidently use made-in-Nigeria cars, then  the nation will be on its way to having a better economy because every other persons that can afford it will follow suit.

He said although government and companies are  purchasing their  buses, dump trucks and other utilitarian vehicles as well as ambulances, but he felt the quantum of purchases cannot be compared  to imports of  between 200,000 and 500,000 vehicles annually.

“To hear that the company is laying-off employees at a season Nigeria needs jobs is heartbreaking. Innoson is a goldmine waiting to be mined. If all things fail, even if the owner is the worst Nigerian, Our government should be buying shares and offering loans to the company. Innoson is strategically a treasure for Nigeria. Even offering expansion loans to diversify its production is in the best interest of Nigeria.

“We are traveling across the world to find investors, when we have an institution we can invest in. That is very cost effective. The government can even assist the industry to find more foreign markets across the globe and help it transport its automobile and other machines it can manufacture there. It’s a foreign exchange earner of great magnitude, almost like oil,” he stated.

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