EDITORIAL: 2021 NNU Election and Tomorrow’s Ndokwa

Communities and nations had evolved to understand that change of leadership in any form is either selection or by election, through a recognised and well organised processes. This election or selection as the case maybe is planned to achieve and usher in a better and strong institutions for the organisation, state or nation.

However, when the institution of the organisations, state or nation is weak, or organised, filled with errors, egocentric behaviour, such body or nation will not have it right, even if it ends selecting or electing those to lead, it will be left with nothing but crises, and for that period of time those selected or elected be in office, the evidences of achievement will not be visible.

Since the inception of the creation of the umbrella of the Social-Cultural group  of the Ndokwa people of Delta State, the largest ethnic group in the state, it had evolved from one crises to another, especially towards the tail end of each administration.

Today, the world admire what happens in most part of the world, as transition is always seamless because of strong institutions built over the years, and with trust, and respect for the people. The world stood in awe between November 3 2020, when the citizens of United State of America, went to pool, the world witnessed the exposure and nakedness of the American Electoral System, the rhetoric’s of the incumbent at that time, and how he questioned the electoral process, which in 2016 brought him to power. How he again and again called on his supporters to reject the electoral process, and called it fraud, and the climax invasion of the seat of government on January 6, 2021 by Mr. Donald Trump’s supporters to stop the certification of the November Election.

The incident of January 6, 2021 if it’s in other climes, the transition process would had been stalled, and the worst, a military takeover, or the institution of legal battles to claim the right of the losing party, with the attended economic and security tension that will follow. But that was not to be because of a strong institution.

Ndokwa nation, had evolved as a republican nation, a people who are majorly not governed by monarchy system of government, but through the community eldest living man. But with time and education, interaction with other people of the world, it had become necessary that there should be transformation in ways of governance and for proper representation, especially in a multi ethnic environment like Nigeria. And it was this idea of proper representation that the idea of a Social-Cultural organisation, the Ndokwa Neku Union, NNU was born to take care of the agitation of the people of Ukwuani and Ndoshimili Speaking people of the entity today, through political necessity as Ndokwa Nation.

While, the two simile ethic formation has no problem with the union, and formation, the transition from one government to another, had always been an issue. It’s on record, that there was some time of delay before the Executive that brought in the Pharmacist Paul Enebeli, there were problems. Towards, the tail end of that Executive, issues came up, and this damped the Executive led by High Chief Johnson Opone, as many people saw that Executive as illegal, but he defiled all odds to do its best for the people of Ndokwa. However, the ugly heads of disunity came out again, as the electoral Committee set up by Johnson Opone was rejected, and that committee that was headed by Sir Ken Okolugbo was forced to resign, after some notable sons of Ndokwa endorsed a transition committee to run the affairs of the NNU for a while, pending when election is organised.

That Caretaker Committee, headed by Dr. Tabs Tambowei, had run the affairs, speaking out on issues that affects Ndokwa within this period, and is now ready to handover the administrative function of the NNU to an expected legally, and maybe acknowledged Executive at the end of Saturday, February 13, 2021.

In going to the election on Saturday, February 13, 2021, this medium is calling on the people, the delegates, who will be the electorates on behalf of the entire men, women, youths and children of Ndokwa that the future of the people lies in their hands. They will have the power to build or mare the future of the people with their votes.

In this regards, we are calling on the electorates and the Electoral Committee, headed by Chief Nzei Anayi, one of the best that came out from the four walls of the first indigenous University in Nigeria, University of Nigeria, a successful architect, and leader of industry to know that the 2021 NNU Election is nothing but to restore the dignity, and pride of the people of Ndokwa. A people endowed with riches, but had been covertly and overtly deprived by the governments and those who are supposed to represent them.

We call on Chief Nzei Anayi, the delegates to remember the recent development in Delta State, where the area had been over neglected by infrastructural development. They should remember, that our power of negotiation for future elections, and positions in the state, and Nigeria, depends on a strong institution that will project, and protect the needs of the people of the area today, known as the Ndokwa. A land and people endowed with love, natural resources, land filled with riches and a people so industrious and welcoming.

The electoral committee and the delegates should know that the General Election of 2023 is already with us, and any other future elections. This election will definitely determine how our future as a people amongst the committee of nations will be, as the people are highly expectant.

Amongst the contenders, especially the President-Generals, we have two notable sons, who at their own level have good credentials. Chief Michael Nduibisi, a retired military officer from the elite corps of the intelligence community, who had since after retirement relocated home, and had been involved with the politics of the area. The other is Chief Joseph Olise, a successful businessman, and a Pan Ndokwa that has led similar body, the Ukwuani Foundation Union.

These two are the only contenders, with good working history, but between the two, one who have a better experience should be elected irrespective of community, but based on love for Ndokwa nation.

Remember, your action on Saturday, February 13, 2021 will determine tomorrow’s Ndokwa. It’s now or never. This is not only a wake call to the delegates, the electoral committee, but also the political players, visible and invisible.

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