Editorial: Ndokwa Political Climate and the 2021 Delta LGA Elections

By March 6, 2021 Deltans will go to the poll to elect another set of leaders to oversee the administration of the each of the 25 Local Government Areas for the next three years.

It is a well set fact that the Local Government Areas are the closest government to the people, as it’s the main link to other states and countries focus on some vital development of the communities in and around a particular geographical entity.

The creation of the local government authourities in Nigeria, had come a long way. And when we talk of development in terms of some physical infrastructures, primary heath delivery, security of lives and properties, then local government authourities are built in a way to be a first responder to the people.

Over the years, the occupants of the Area Council activities, had been seen to be just mere occupants of the office, without a clear cut administrative policies that will transform their area of authourity within the three years they occupy the office. They are seen as mere fortune seekers. Who just want to taste the perceived cake in the office, especially with the over allocated security votes, which are never accounted for.

In the light of the above, the case of the three local government areas that is inhabited mainly by Ukwuani Speaking people of Delta State, which today are more known as Ndokwa is to not only go out to cast their votes on that day, but also ensure they vote the right persons to occupy such offices. The person that will listen to their needs and feel their needs.

This becomes paramount as over the years, the area occupied by these people, is blessed with endowment of resources, but there is no sign of development when we look at what is on the ground in the area. The area had been raped, deprived of development from all front. They have to wake up, and take their destiny in their hands. Not by voting in the right persons, but also to follow them, constantly reminding them of their duties and obligations, which they swore to protect and uphold.

The Ndokwa/Ukwuani constituency had over the years denied of development, which many had adduced to be the faults of those elected or appointed on behalf of the people. The political leaders have to see to the fact that they are representatives of the people. Their interests should be secondly to that of the people.

For the incoming chairman and councilors of the three Local Council Areas, they should be the change the people of Ndokwa/Ukwuani Constituency long for.

The administration of the Local Government Should be felt in the area of physical developments, human capital resources, job and entrepreneurial creations, the primary health sector activated, sanitary and health condition improves. They should be harbingers of good news to the people.

Ndokwa land is crying for solutions to the massive and long deprivation they had suffered over the years. And this medium believes we cannot develop without taken our place of pride, working the talk, to achieve development.

We should remember the #Endsars is a radical movement to change governance, and for a good government, and not just to end police and other security brutality.

We urge the people of Ndokwa/Ukwuani to go out on the 6th of January, 2021 to vote. Your vote is where the power belongs. Not the candidates of political parties.

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