EXCLUSIVE: A Prisoner’s Diary on the Pathetic Situation at Oba Prison …Inmates Cries Out for Help

ABEOKUTA/Nigeria:  The situation at the Federal Prison Oba, in Ogun state had been described as pathetic, and in human.

According to information gathered by Ndokwa Reporters, the inmates are treated with disdain, with the prison officials involved a food racketing, and graft from visitors.

Narrating his ordeal, and that of other inmates, an inmate who prefers to be called “A Concerned Prisoners” had appealed to the government and the general public to come to their aid.

“I was remanded at the Oba Prison in Abeokuta and I would like to share my experience with you because the inmates there are suffering terribly.

Find Bellow the narration of the inmate

Please would you be kind enough to use your good office to tell the world what the Prisoners at Oba Prison are passing through?

I am going to lay down the details and if you like it you can build your story. First of all the greatest problem here is the starvation of the inmates, they are served very little beans in the morning which is very watery, for lunch they are given half a 75g cup of blueband margarine for lunch and the same for dinner with a watery soup for dinner.

The cook warders sell and eat the food meant for the Prison inmates. The yard Master is  SPA Lawal, a vicious and wicked man who takes great delight in whipping and maltreating inmates without excuse. The said yard Master thrives on extortion and extorts anything from money to food items from the inmates. Whoever refuses to part with his food or his money is always severely dealt with.

At Oba Prison visits are not free, you have to pay at least N1,500 to see your brother, friend, son, father,  husband and  others.  Although there is   a sign outside boldly says that visit is free. There is only one vehicle to take the inmates to court as such most of them miss their days in court. There is no single doctor to attend to over 650 Prisoners. Please, save Oba prison inmates.

There are no beds, no mattresses for the awaiting trial inmates; they all sleep on the floor, on tattered and flea infested mats, old rice or garri sacks or on cartons. There is no fan. No single form of entertainment or distraction for the Prisoners, no Television, no Radio,   no MP3 players allowed. No single form of mental stimulation. It is a pathetic and terrible situation at Oba Prison and the world needs to know. This is the 21st century for crying out loud!


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