Rainstorm Wrecks Havoc In Sapele Stadium, One Week After Fire Incident

SAPELE/Nigeria: The continuous rainfall in Delta State, especially in the South and Central part of the state, has had an adverse effect on the Sapele Township Stadium as the rain that fell recently blew off sections of the roof a week after a fire incident that destroy some equipment meant for sporting activities.

According to report, the rain that lasted for about 30 minutes came with strong wind that blew off most of the roof at the Stadium and deposited the sheet within and outside the stadium premises.

As at the scene after the incident, the Stadium Manager who refused interview or giving his name was seen picking the remains of the roof back to the stadium with the assistance of some hired hands.

A visit was also made to the last contractor that handled the re-roofing of the Stadium, Davdan Roofing Technology Limited, said that he was called to re-roof the stadium the last time similar incident occurred and he suggested that to forestall future occurrence some structural work should be put in place but lamented that his suggestion was ignored.

Earlier this week, there was a fire outbreak at the outside of the stadium where foams met for High Jump were kept.

It was gathered that the fire completely razed down all the foams but for the quick intervention of the State Fire Service in Sapele, the damage would have been extensive.


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