IPP Stepdown: Ossai Calls for Synergy Among Ndokwa leaders and groups

Hon Ossai N. Ossai, Addressing the press during a town hall meeting at Umutu to Chart a Proper Direction for the Stepdown of the IPP Project.

The leaders of Ndokwa ethnic nationality in Delta state has been called upon to form a synergy and work towards achieving success in the agitation of stepping down the power supply at the area from the Okpai Independent Power Plant (IPP), in Ndokwa East LGA, run by AGIP oil company, especially now that the second phase of the project is about to commence to improve on the power supply to communities in Ndokwa areas of the state.
This call was made recently By Hon Ossai Nicolas Ossai, member representing the Ndokwa/Ukwuani at the National Assembly, in a chart with Ndokwa Reporters on the allegation of hijacking the agitation of the stepping down from the Page Group International (PGI), who recently had awaken the fight for AGIP, NNPC and the Federal Government of Nigeria to fulfil the promise made during the government of former President Olusegun Obasanjo, to build a step down plant within the Ndokwa nation.
According to Hon Ossai, the accusation is false, and it is only those who does not know the history of the agitation that will accuse him of such act.
“I am only trying to be consistence on the struggle we started long time ago, it is on record I had presented this at the floor of the National Assembly, and this agitation is not new, and will be achieved one of these days”. He said.
While thanking all those who had come out to push for actualisation of the fight, he called on notable sons and daughters of Ndokwa extraction and groups to join in the struggle instead of being just onlookers, because it is only when the people join to speak in one voice devout, of self-interest that they will achieve meaningful development.
According to him, some of the areas the people can work together to achieve the goal of the agitation is organising the people to properly understand the importance of having a steady and constant power supply, financial contributions to facilitate the various moves to actualise the fight, constant dialogue and communication with agencies of government that are involved in actualising the demand.
“When everyone is involved, there will be no accusation of people hijacking the agitation”. He said.
Concluding, he called on individuals and groups, social cultural groups, such as Ndokwa Neku Union (NNU), and various political leaders and captains of industries from Ndokwa to come out and join the demand for what is rightly and constitutionally belong to them, for a better electricity power supply to the area.