Ochor Congratulates Nigerians on June 12 Anniversary

By Emmanuel Enebeli

/Nigeria: Nigerians had been congratulated as country had held its first June 12, Democracy Day Anniversary, on June 12, 2019, as passed by the national assembly, and was formerly signed into law by President Mohammed Buhari.

Recognizing the Democracy day, the Deputy Speaker, Delta State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Christopher Ochor Ochor, in a statement, said that June 12, had been a remarkable part of the history of Nigeria, and celebrating it now nationally had raised the bar in the democratic practice in Nigeria.

The deputy speaker, pointed out that at the fore front on fight for democracy, many Nigerians sacrifice their time, resources and lives to achieve the country what the enjoys today, as the fight for democratic government in Nigeria intensified after the annulment of the June 12, 1993 election, and the assumed winner was jailed.

Hon Ochor commended Deltans for being part of the struggle to restore democracy in Nigeria, and since 1999, had remained peaceful, and united towards the common goal of a strong socio-economic state.

He called on them to remain focus, and join hands with the present government in the state to continue to enthrone the dividends of democracy, where there will be equal opportunity for all, as it’s the only way for harmonious and holistic development of the state.

“Democracy Day is such an important day in the lives of Nigerians. It is the day we regain and reclaim all our civil liberties. Regardless of the present situation of the economy, we should be thankful for the freedom we have got and for the peace we have today”. The sustenance of Democracy in our nation today is leading and transforming Nigeria to the path of Justice, liberty and total freedom.”

“I appeal to all Nigerians, Deltans to give their full support and unalloyed loyalty to the government for if the citizens, private sectors and the government collaborate effectively, it will lead to triumphant victory over any economic difficulties.”

“I congratulate Deltans, Nigerians for the huge success we have recorded so far in our Democratic journey.”

“Unity, peace and tranquility are major tools that can enhance development in a nation as a peaceful environment attracts investors which will in turn increase the standard of living of the people.”

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