Ndokwa Political Forum (NPF) Formed. Admiral Mike Ojinika Onah, elected first Leader









On the Right Praying is Hon Ossai N. Ossai, Middle Admiral Mike O. Onah, President Ndokwa Political Forum

The people of Ndokwa Nation on Saturday, September, 2013 decided to move ahead and have a political front that will place the people of the area in a better political position. On this very day the people decided to wake from their long sleep as they decided to form the Ndokwa Political front (NPF), with the aim of having a political leader, which many agreed had being missing among them.

According to the convener, Admeral Mike Onah, the journey started on the 7th of August, 2013 at his country home, in Utagba Uno, where he and other Ndokwa sons and daughters met to deliberate on the future of the Ndokwa People and the governance in Delta State and Nigeria. At that meeting Ndokwa Reporters gathered that it was inconclusive as no final decision on what to do was reached, and thus another day in September was fixed for the meeting. The meeting of that day had people like Admiral Onah, Hon. Ossai N. Ossai, Hon Mercy Almona Isei, Chief Fidelis Tilije,and many others. However the meeting agreed to extend the next invitation to more Ndokwa citizens.

At the meeting on Saturday, 28 September, after much deliberation, it was agreed that a political forum be formed to compliment the Ndokwa National Union (NNU). That the NPF will have to be more aggressive in pursuing the political interest of the people but not to usurp the activities of the NNU.

The meeting which started at 2pm, after about two hours took the decision which saw the birth of NPF. And to lead the group, the persons of Rear Admiral Mike Ojinika Onah (RTD), General Onyekweli (RTD) was chosen as the Deputy leader 1, General Ndubuisi (RTD) was chosen as the deputy leader2. The position of Secretary was reserved to be concluded after due consultation. Also the gathering agreed that people with active political interest should not be allowed to occupy key positions.

At the meeting where people like Hon Ossai N. Ossai,Hon. Azuka Azaka,Hon Aphonsus Ojo,Hon Ken Okoleugo,Chief Chris Ogu,Chief Fidelis Tilije,Chief Tony Uti,President of Ndokwa Association in the United State, Mr. Oluku Almona,Chief Nelson Nmor,Doc. Felicia Chukwuma, and many notable sons and daughters of Ndokwa Nation.