Amai – Land of Good News

Fotor1101212248Amai is located on the hinterlands of the Niger Delta in Ukwuani Local
Government Area of Delta State. Surrounded by other Ukwuani
communities she has boundaries with the following: north with
Obiaruku, East with Ezhiokpor, West with Aragba Orogun and Umuebu
while south with Ogume and Ezhionu.
Amai is a nature – lover haven and an investor dream. Blessed with a
great climate and weather, one of the best possible on earth and
featuring no natural disasters, a warm and existing  relaxation, new
business opportunities and exploration of new and existing cultures
and traditions.
Amai which was predominantly by her indigenes in years past, are
currently moving from rural setting to urban settlement  since the
inception of the prestigious Novena University in the community. With
its growing population yearly, Amai has one of the richest collections
of cultures in a geographical location of its size anywhere in the
Niger Delta Region with its own unique festivals, dances, artworks and
Amai has been blessed with hush green landscape, massive farmlands,
rain forest, great weather and a warm hospitable people.
The Coronation of her first King in the late Nineties, His Royal
Highness, The Igwete 1 of Amai Kingdom, Eze Monday Ossai ( who passed
on some months ago) brought alots of glory, development and popularity
to the community.
The people of Amai with their rich cultures and traditions, are
peaceable, fun loving people to live with.
The weather is warm, rainfall is light and refreshing and there are no
natural disaster to worry about. their rich festivals and dances worth
Visit Amai and experience the power and richness of African culture in
its most concentrated form.
Mabel Magbulu-Awuse


The Journey to Amai was just a thought of which community to be featured first in this maiden edition of let us Travel Round Ndokwa Land. This page will be alternating offline with Ndokwa personalities.


Amai from history had come a long way.  The town of Amai had played important pact in the history of this people of Ndokwa nation. According to history, it was the fist District Headquarter of the Ndokwa people, where all administrative functions governing the adjoining communities like Kwale, Abbi, Ogume, Obiaruku, Umutu, Ebedei etc  was carried out and this function started as early as 1935.

From a hand written document, this investigation was informed of the treaty between the British Imperial government and the Amai people, in October 22nd, 1896. This agreement was signed with the expedition team that was led by Raph F. Locke, who described Amai as” a large and well organized community with thousand of inhabited and has numerous Kolanut trees, Coconuts and Palm trees which may be made a further source of trade”.The leader of the Amai people who signed that treaty was chief Okolo of Ishikaguma – Amai and chief Ekpenuma of Umuosele-Amai. That treaty made Amai a territory of British territory, and also gave Amai the authority to govern herself and her neighbours.

Chief B.A Alonu, the Spokesman of Amai described Amai as “a land of good news’’. He further buttressed that from oral history, their original origin showed that they are from Bini and moved to Ighala eastward and  then later journeyed to Ndokwaland where settled in Aboh from where the people of Amai now moved westward finally ended up at the present Amai in about 15th century.

Amai is made of five quarters, which were the five children of Amai the first is Amage-Amai followed by Umueku, Umubu, Ishikaghuma and the youngest, Umuosele, and the present kingship being practiced is rotated among this five quaters.  

 This was confirmed by other people interviewed, like Hon. Chukutem Omogor, Hon francis a councilor representing Amai. The wife of the Late King of Amai

Population and economy

The population according to estimate is about 100,000. And the main economy of the people of is mainly farming, and petty Trading. However, because of the presence of the Novena University some business like business centre, ITC center had is now in the community.

Hospitality industries

Amai can boast of three hotels, one of them is Aninze. The Hotel is made of 10 rooms. According to the manger of the hotel, the main hindrance to the business is power. Generally according to her the business is good and some occasions the town runs out of ccommodation, and they will have to fall back on nearby places like Obiaruku.


The economic potential of Amai is great. According to the hotel manager of Aninze hotels, more hotels is needed in Amai, the present hotels do not have enough rooms.

Also Amai already is attracting more people because of the University. Indigenes and foreigners are working, and the salary ploughed back into Amai community.

Foreign interest

The spokesman of of Amai kingdom, chief Alonu and Hon. Francis informed the Ndokwa Reporters of the interest showed recently by some foreign companies from Canada. The business men and woman came to Amai to explore the possibilities of establishing a mechanized farm in the town, while a second group was interested in utilizing the large clay soil found in Amai and environ for ceramic industry.


The people of Amai are peace loving people. They have not witnessed any form of banditry in the community. Chief Alonu informs Ndokwa Reporter that there was a case of external attack on the only bank in the community but the community vigilantes where able to repel the bandits.


The people of Amai are crying of being neglected and cheated. To them being the first administrative headquarters it should be given regular attention to retain that old status.

In the town, you will found police station, Post Office, Skye Bank, Government 6 primary schools and one Secondary school.

Private institution or establishment

 The town of Amai can boast of three filling stations. A private university, Novena university, (the first private university in Delta State). There is also a mechanized farm. Employing indigenes and non-indigenes. From information gathered the town has three good hotels, like Aninze Hotels, Amai –Obiaruku road.

Festivals,Culture and religion

The people of Amai celebrate their Culture in form of dance and music. They also have an annual Carnival that holds at the onset of the season. According to the first Queen, the women of Amai are cultured and respectable. They are one of the best women you can meet in the world.

While Amai can be classified as a christain community, it is the centre of Islam in Ndokwa Land. Some indigines of Amai are Moslems. The population according to our source is numbering about five thousand moslem faithfuls mainly Ukwuani sons and daughters.

Like any other African origin animistic practice is still thriving. But with this multi religious state, Amai is a land of PEACE, let join Mabel and say WELCOME TO AMAI