Nigeria, a profitable haven, Uduaghan tells investors in UK

Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan

With the deepening of the privatisation of state enterprises and investment in the development of critical infrastructure, Nigeria now offers the best destination for investments in Africa, Delta State governor, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, has said.

Speaking in London, where he addressed British investors at the Institute of Directors, IOD, Uduaghan said that the Nigerian government had affected a paradigm shift from reliance on crude oil as the driver of her economy.

According to him, investment in power sector, agriculture and manufacturing offer investors new vistas with yields that may not be obtainable anywhere else.

He spoke at an event to mark the Commonwealth Day Observance Service and the Nigerian Centenary celebration in London and asked British investors looking to invest in Africa to come to Nigeria.

He said: “There are strong reasons for anyone to invest in Nigeria at this time, because the country is a haven for profitable investment.  There is a bright future for Nigeria in terms of investment. The environment is right and is truly a destination for those investors heading to Africa.”

Uduaghan who spoke on “Perspectives on Sustainable Development in Nigeria’s Delta: The Delta Beyond Oil Initiative” said while oil remained a major resource, “we recognise its finite characteristic and that dependence on it in the way we have done, since it started to create wealth in the country would deny us other opportunities.