I am on a Divine mission-Bar Ugboh

Bar. Limbrey Chukwutem Ugboh

The candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Bar. Limbrey Chukwutem Ugboh for the October 25 Delta State Local Government Election has called on the people of Ukwuani not to feel disappointed because God has sent him on a divine mission to rescue them.
The chairmanship aspirant who spoke to Ndokwa Reporters said he entered into politics more than 20 years ago for this dive mission to salvage the under development of the Ukwuani people which for years had been that of neglect and pain, and because of his love for the area he had decided to run, so he can bring positive and effective representation to the people. According to him, it is only through these, and been in government he can achieve this dream and is only through politics one can be in government.
Speaking further, he accused the past leaders of self interest neglecting the reasons they were sent to represent the people, but rather they entered government to front for other people outside the Local government. He said this cannot continue. And he and his party are ready to effect that change.
Bar Ugboh also condemned the practice of imposition of candidates and rulers on the people. He sees this as weakness on the part of the people of Ukwuani, especially the so called leaders who see competition as challenging.
Speaking on his manifesto when elected, he says the relationship between the communities in the LGA and the government will improve as he we see to the opening of roads and road constructions between the administrative headquarter and the interior areas. He decried the low level of infrastructural development which he said should not be attributed to the government at the state but to those who were supposed to represent the people at the local authourity but failed to do so. He says his party, the SDP will change this.
On the forthcoming local council election, he called on the people to protect their votes, which according to him the people of Ukwuani are well known for. He decried the attitude of vote hijacking, and the ruling party taking the local government seats in a state as it happened in Kano and Edo state, and as he said “the people’s choice should prevail”