Sapele Residents Reacts to Constant Power Supply

Residents of Sapele and its environs have started reacting to the constant electricity power supply, terming the development mysterious after more than 2 decades of epileptic power supply to the country, just as they advised Nigerians to call the electricity companies (Buhari) and not BEDC or whatever.

The people of Sapele who noticed continuous power supply to the town as from last week, many who spoke to journalists, described the development as very surprising and wonderful, a thing that BEDC or NEPA, PHCN in the past has never done for many years.

Mr. Umukoro Ufuoma, a resident, said if they can be having supply constantly now, then Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC) should come and explain why in years past before last week, why they are giving the town just 4 hours supply in a 24 hours, a day when they pay heavy bills for such few supply.

He said he is of the belief that Government may have threatened to take their operational license hence the craze to ensure the town is supplied maximally this time, “if not for reasons best known to them they have been keeping the town in permanent darkness, with the flimsy excuses that Sapele people are indebted to the organization which is not true.

He advised them to sustain the tempo and not to make the people believe that they are only been apprehensive of government’s intension to take their operational license, and never a makeshift arrangement to deceive the people further of their nefarious act of punishing the people unjustly.

Mr. Umukoro said the action of BEDC shows that they have been very wicked and cruel to Nigerians all along, pointing out that if they can do this now, why have they not been able to do this all along, adding that they however happy that they are seeing light while calling on the federal government to monitor closely the activities of BEDC to ensure they supply light to the consumers adequately or else seize their operational license and sell same to those that are ready to supply electricity to Nigeria consumers.

Meanwhile, a staff of BEDC in Sapele who pleaded anonymity said the problem of power supply to Sapele and its environs is with the woman who bought the company in Benin and the distribution company, since the electricity company nationwide generate maximum amount of mega watts that is enough for this country, but they wickedly refuse to supply the masses with adequate units on daily basis, there hording the balance of mega watts because of money, which they alleged consumers are owing the organization.

He argued that the management of BEDC if they are not capable of rendering effective services to the masses, they should return their licenses to the federal government for those who are capable to do so to take over, so that Nigerian masses will not suffer unjustly, as a result of the nonchalant of the new electricity owners across the nation.