Egbema Off-Shore Communities Inaugurates New Exco/ Reps

WARRI/Nigeria: The Egbema off-shore communities have appointed, constituted and inaugurated new Exco / representative after the dissolution of the former five men Exco led by Mr Philimon Ugedi, that started sometime in 2003  and ended on February 14th,2021.

In a statement, the community said, on the 15th of February 2021, a meeting of the general house was held where more than two third members of the house unanimously dissolved the eighteen years old Exco, appointed and constituted a 21 member new Exco led by Comrade Mike JK Tiemo, President, Captain Ebi Jibor, Vice President, Comrade Binikuro, General Secretary. Sode Andrew, Assistant Secretary, Tony Oniyeburutan , Assistant PRO, and Michael Ekiyor as Treasurer.

Others who made the list of the new Exco include , Austin Seye , Assistant treasural, Friday Ugedi , Financial Secretary, Jomobia Keme , Assistant Financial Secretary, Timi David, Logistics Officer, while  Chief Tom Abanara emmerged as  Assistant Logistics Officer.

It added that Jackson Edah is now Coordinator, Benjamin Ikunu Assistant Coordinator, Erepade Beggi, Mobilization Officer,  Stanley Soroghaye , Assistant Mobilization Officer, Chief Appearance Gajah , Operation Director, Major Atigbi, Assistant Operation Director, Nelson Bulara, Social Secretary, Emmanuel Arisco , Assistant Social Secretary, Paris Deigha, Publicity Officer, and Friday David followed as Provost making it a 21 member Exco.

The Statement Pointed out that: “The  nascent development become paramount and imperative in order for the new Exco to run and pilot the affairs of the Egbema Off- Shore Communities in respect of Chevron Nigeria Limited Off-Shore Operations for effective communication, liaising, dealing and delivering of accrue and accruable benefits, allocation, entitlements etc.

The Communities  noted in their Press  release  that, this publication serves as a notice to Chevron Nigeria Limited, the Delta state Government, the Federal Government ,Heads of all law Enforcement and the General public to please take note of this cabinet as the authentic representatives of Egbema Off –Shore communities.

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